Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kate Somerville: IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream

Readers are always asking about products to conceal the dark circles underneath their eyes. I believe a lot has to do with genetics, proper hydration, diet, etc. yet when it comes to a beauty product to actually make them appear lighter- I look to products that not only conceal yet provide beneficial ingredients to the orbital area. 

With that being said, IllumiKate ($ 42) from Kate Somerville seems like the right product for that targeted area. Conceal your dark circles and defy wrinkles with Kate Somerville’s latest innovation, the IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream. It is being touted as the solution to all of your under eye problems as it's a double-duty formula that is both an under eye cream and concealer.

This new product contains an Anti-Aging Peptide Complex that helps support collagen production to restore a more youthful look while the Hyaluronic Microsponge Technology provides a boost of moisture to plump skin and smooth away wrinkles. Plus, the Diamond Complex was created to cover dark circles and minimizes imperfections for flawless coverage.

Available in three easy-match shades (Light, Medium and Dark), this multitasking formula is said to deliver immediate brightening and wrinkle improvement that you’ll see with your very own eyes.

  • An encapsulated ANTI-AGING PEPTIDE COMPLEX is released on application to help support collagen production and restore a youthful look and feel to the under eye area.

  • HYALURONIC MICROSPONGE TECHNOLOGY delivers a surge of moisture on contact to visibly plump up the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the skin’s surface.

  • A precious DIAMOND COMPLEX of mineral pigments and light-diffusing optics offer flawless coverage and a soft-focus effect that minimizes imperfections.

  • A skin-strengthening CERAMIDE COMPLEX replenishes essential skin lipids to reinforce the skin’s barrier and prevent moisture loss.

IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream is perfect for anyone who wants to minimize the look of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. It can be used by anyone and on any type of skin.

More pictures including my very own Before and Afters to come shortly! In the meantime, you can read more about IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream here

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