Friday, June 27, 2014

First Fashion Show held at One World Trade Center

Yes, fashion history has been made. On Wednesday, June 26thJessica Minh Anh, made history by producing the first fashion show and event to be hosted at One World Trade Center. The globally innovative show, conceived by the International fashion sensation, brought art, fashion and culture to life at one of the World’s most exciting locations. Nunzio Saviano, top stylist and owner of the Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC and his team, joined Jessica for one of the most thrilling fashion shows yet.

“I was inspired by the height, beauty and sheer striking visual of the Freedom Tower,” says Nunzio.

Jessica’s look was the focal point of the night. I used a hair piece to get the height and bobby pins to make sure it was secure. Next, I added braids for more drama and texture.

“The models needed to make an impact, yet not compete with Jessica so we went with bold, modern braids.” 

Their hair was pulled away from the face and off the neck as to not take away from the designs. Intricate braids, starting at the top of the forehead, gave a bit of edge. 

Get the look: Thought it may seem intricate, do not get intimidated! Feel free to get creative and add braids where you like. 1. Pull hair into either a low or high pony tail. Use a bun maker to create thickness. 2. Once hair is pulled into bun maker, separate hair and begin braiding. Take the braid all the way around the bun and secure the ends with an elastic band. 3. Then tuck the braid under the bun and secure with bobby pin.

Award-winning stylist Nunzio recently opened his namesake salon on the Upper East Side in NYC. This intimate, inviting full-service salon offers services including cut, color and treatments ranging from professional Kerastase services and the latest non-toxic smoothing innovations.

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