Friday, March 30, 2018

Help Combat Uneven Skin With These Products

If you are anything like me, the ever changing temperatures are effecting my skin on a daily basis. All I want is even skin tone again! Below are suggestions to help with dullness, uneven color and redness due to the unpredictable climate changes. Your skin will thank you.

Dear by Renée Youth Soothing Crème ($74.95, Infused with the skin healing, Arnica Extract, known to soothe and calm skin disorders like eczema. This soothing crème contains several active components that target chronic itchy, red or problematic skin leaving a radiant and hydrated complexion.

jane iredale Balance Hydration Spray ($30, Formulated to help balance the skin’s oil production and pH. Orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract calm redness and feed the skin.

Merle Norman Anti-Redness Foundation Primer ($24, Harness the powerful soothing benefits of Sea Whip Extract and a soft green tint to instantly neutralize visible redness. This color-correcting primer is formulated with a balanced water and silicone system that is specifically designed to omit redness in skin.

jane iredale GlowTime Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream ($48, Available in nine shades, this mineral-based BB cream incorporates natural minerals that adjust to your skin tone to cover blemishes, redness, minimize pores, disguise wrinkles and smooth and brighten skin while also providing SPF 25.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

New from Dr. Hauschka: "Purple Light" Collection with Packaging Designed by Artist Emma Lindstrom

As soon as I saw this collection, I was so excited! For those of you who know me well, you know that I am also an art journalist ( so this collection had my head spinning with delight.

Dr. Hauschka is launching a new limited-edition Spring color collection on April 1st. The gorgeous “Purple Light” collection features artwork designed by Emma Lindstrom that was inspired by the cosmos and night sky.

It includes an eyeshadow palette featuring beige, nude and plum shades in both matte and shimmer finishes to brighten eyes for a day or night look, and a sparkly purple eye pencil to add a glamorous touch. There is also a foundation compact to mattify skin and two liquid lip colors in nude and cherry shades for a glossy, highly pigmented pout.

This collection is sold online at Dr. and in-stores at Whole Foods on April 1st. Prices range from $20 - $45. 

WHAT IT IS: The natural makeup essentials for a day to night look, inspired by Swedish Artist Emma Lindström. As a lover of life and energy, Emma was the ideal partner for Dr. Hauschka’s first product collaboration – every product in the line is created through rhythmic manufacturing and support the skin’s renewal process.

To express this mutual connection, Emma evoked the cosmos and nature to create a series of paintings in purple and blue colorways, which were channeled onto the products’ outer packaging, tubes and cases to display a stunning fade of black and constellation-like piece of art.

This limited-edition collection includes a “Purple Light” foundation compact to unify and mattify skin, as well as a “Purple Light” eyeshadow palette with beige, nude and plum shades with shimmery or matte finishes. There’s also a sparkly purple “Purple Light” eye pencil and two liquid lip colors in nude and cherry shades for glossy and highly pigmented color.

• Eye Definer 07 ($20): Create unique expressions. With its wonderfully silky texture, Eye Definer is easy to apply and blend, for naturally defined contours. This gentle formulation of mineral pigments and nurturing plant extracts features anthyllis, quince wax and shea butter to moisturizes the area around the eyes, leaving it silky soft.

Eyeshadow Palette 01 ($45): Sparkling eyes: this Eyeshadow Palette contains two velvety-matte and two silky-shimmering shades for creating multiple different looks. Formulated with mineral pigments, nurturing plant extracts like soothing black tea, and other natural ingredients, including silk. Cares for the delicate skin around the eyes.

• Teint Powder 01 ($40): For a fresh, flawless complexion. TeintPowder evens out the skin’s appearance for a delicately shimmering complexion. The balanced color combination harmoniously complements any skin tone. The nourishing composition of mineral pigments and nurturing plant extracts, including anthyllis and witch hazel, leaves the skin feeling wonderfully cared for without drying it out.

Liquid Lip Color ($22): Luscious lips. Liquid Lip Colourcombines a creamy texture with rich color, intensive shine and a pleasant feel. Mineral pigments and nurturing plant extracts including anthyllis, mango butter and apricot kernel oil are combined in this formulation, resulting in beautifully soft lips. Available in two shades: subtle nude and bold berry.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Some Women Lose Confidence As They Age But Clairol Has You COVERED

Clairol officially kicked off their Color of Confidence movement, in which they’re revealing some surprising facts about women and confidence – did you know that 97% of women checked themselves out more after coloring their hair? And that’s just the beginning!

I am the epitome of this type of woman as I recently changed my hair color to a lavender/silver/gray and have been feeling less attractive ever since doing so. I am going to see Clairol Color Director,  James Corbett, within the next few weeks in order to get back my platinum blonde tresses. I simply feel awful! I also attended their wonderful event where guest speakers encouraged both women and men to accept themselves for who they are and to walk more confidently within the world. #colorfearlessly gave us all the opportunity to go for the color we truly longed for and I certainly smiled wider because of that freedom.

Clairol partnered with 100 women (no models!) across all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities to gauge their overall feelings of self-confidence. Some of their responses included “I haven’t felt confident in years,” “I feel invisible,” or “as I get older I feel unwanted.”

The goal is to smash the age-old views of one-dimensional beauty, and show that every woman can feel incredible – sometimes the smallest change can make a massive impact! To demonstrate this, they had the 100 woman do something SO simple – color their hair with Clairol Nice’n Easy – then they documented the results, which were astounding!

·        85% of women felt more confident after coloring, and 97% said they checked themselves out more. 81% said they felt beautiful, and 70% said they felt “ready for anything.”

·        The results extended into their professional lives, as well! 77% said they felt they could be more confident at work and 65% said they’d speak confidently in a meeting. One woman was even motivated to ask for a raise – and she got it!

They documented it all within their “Colors of Confidence” Film

Below are pictures from their kickoff event, too. Remember to #colorfearlessly and be confident in your own skin. Own who you are and if your hair color changes the way you feel about yourself, like me, then do something about it. Be YOU as you are UNIQUE.

James Corbett , A.K.A. the "Gloss Boss" and I.

Photo credit: @djtealny


The ISSALEXA information provided here has me in complete intrigue. Following extensive research at the FOREO Institute, the world’s biggest beauty tech brand, FOREO, has just launched an innovative, highly charged, smart life coach in the form of a toothbrush, the ISSALEXA. Not only will the T-sonic electric toothbrush provide the very best in dental care, but what makes it especially advanced is its in built ‘lifestyle’ support intelligence’ that will advise and speak to its owner, by analyzing saliva, thus allowing it to know what emotional and life support you need for the day, or before going to bed.
The research and development team at the institute held clinical trials with over 100 people, over a five month period where it found that the mouth is the window to the body and by analyzing saliva, they could determine a human’s lifestyle requirements.
Combining this research with FOREO’s exemplary innovation in technology, the brand has created the ISSALEXA which uses speech technology and artificial intelligence to emotionally and smartly support its owner when saliva detects abnormalities. For example:
  • Nerves, anxiousness and stress: findings from the research showed when people are displaying stress, anxiety and nerves, the mouth becomes abnormally dry (known as Xerostomia). ISSALEXA can detect and offer words of encouragement such as ‘Take it easy today John. You work to live, not live to work’ and ‘Remember to chill today Brian. Life is what you make it’.
  • Emotionally Sensitive: When saliva was analyzed, it found that people were emotionally sensitive when there appeared to be an imbalance of the stress hormone, Cortisol. When detected, the ISSALEXA will tell you, ‘Chin Up Beautiful - things aren’t that bad’, or ‘Always look to yourself for guidance Jane’. 
  • Faithfulness: An add on option for users includes the detection of rogue saliva in one’s mouth - meaning partners can use it to tell if their partner has been kissing somebody else. The technology eliminates the users saliva and picks up particles from alien saliva where it will go into warning mode, flashing red and offering ‘Who’s been a naughty boy / girl’ commentary.
  • Health warnings: Pre-programmed with your brushing routine, the ISSALEXA’s intelligence will determine if you have skipped your oral regime and forgot to brush your teeth after a night out. When sensors detect nightfall and lack of movement and energy in the house, the ISSALEXA will shout from the bathroom, ‘Alcohol enhances bad breath so I’ve cancelled your drinks with friends tomorrow’.
Always leading the way in the industry is what makes us tick says Paul Peros, CEO of FOREO International. “We were founded on innovation and it is at the very heart of everything we do from our R&D Institute in Sweden. All of our products combine technology and innovation and we are now taking that to the next level in the beauty landscape by adding artificial intelligence and speech technology to our newest products. This brings the very best of oral care devices as well as offering our customers the added extra of no hold barred emotional support when it is detected that they need a boost.”
Part of the revolutionary ISSA range, this is not the first time FOREO’S iconic toothbrush has been in the headlines. Last year, the second generation ISSA 2 was featured onboard the Star Trek Discovery set in the year 2364. It was positioned as the toothbrush of the future then, but it is certainly the toothbrush of the future now.
You can personalize your very own ISSALEXA online at by keying in the unique product number and registering your name so your device can be activated via remote technology. Those looking for a more personalized toothbrush can take the short questionnaire which will also be programmed and enhance the intelligence of your very own ISSALEXA as well as syncing your calendar so the ISSALEXA knows your social plans.
The ISSALEXA is available now at, priced at $299 and will come in black and cobalt blue for men, and enchanted violet and summer sky for women.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snow Day? Let's Celebrate National Fragrance Day Together!

Yes, in NYC there is a beautiful snow storm brewing outside but from inside- I can share some fragrance picks with you as it is National Fragrance Day!


Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum ($110, 1.6oz,

· A floral fragrance with feline notes, illuminated with gardenia, a lively flower peppered with chypre and velvety nuances and comprised of an accord in three parts, chypre, floral and musk.

The Wanderlust Seeker:

Proenza Schouler Arizona ($100, 1.7 oz, Saks Fifth Avenue &,)

· Inspired by nature, this scent includes an innovative floral accord of white cactus flower never before used in perfumery combined with a creamy orris sparking your spirit of discovery.

The Fun, Flirty & Outgoing Gal:

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum($115, 1.7oz,

· Containing 1,000 flowers in each bottle, this explosive floral scent captivates and transforms anything into something positive making it a new kind of flower power.


The Bold, Daring Man:

Cartier Declaration Eau de Parfum ($135, 3.3oz,

· A modern, elegant twist on a classic scent, this masculine and bold scent is intensely spice and woody makes for a perfect addition to any man’s routine.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New from Rimmel London: Insta Duo Contour Stick

I wear a lot of products from Rimmel London and have been very happy with their variety of beauty categories. Not only are they affordable but they are wonderfully well pigmented.

Get insta-beauty with the newest addition to the Rimmel London makeup collection—the Insta Duo Contour Stick! This game changer will highlight and shape your features instantly.


Swipe and blend, that’s all you need to do with RIMMEL LONDON INSTA DUO CONTOUR STICK. Regardless of where you are, keep this portable duo on hand to define and highlight your features.

Formula & Benefits: Selfie approved formula, Dual sided applicator, Ultra-smooth formula, available in three duos to work with your skin tone. 

Available Shades: Light, Medium and Dark

Friday, March 2, 2018

Profusion Cosmetics Now Available at Target

Profusion Cosmetics is an independently owned brand started in California with over 20 years of experience. 

Profusion Cosmetics has certainly mastered the art of creating visually pleasing palettes. These are quality cosmetics at affordable prices beauty peeps! They are fun and easy to use and I started playing with the products as soon as they arrived. What is truly wonderful is that each palette is created for every skin tone, age, gender, skill level and budget. When you buy from Profusion Cosmetics, you are buying products that can suit everyone. That is a huge selling point for me as I love the idea of inclusivity. 


The brand is committed to creating professional-grade cosmetics made with rich-pigments and leading-edge formulations. Profusion takes dedicated time to innovate and perfect each product from concept to creation, while ensuring that all SKUs meet the needs and desires of consumers, inspiring everyone from aspiring makeup artists to seasoned cosmetics aficionados. Each palette is beautiful and fun, making it an essential to spice up your daily makeup routine!

You can find Profusion Cosmetics at Target, and The collections range from $4.99 to $19.99.