Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Adjusting to Staying In: Products from Arbonne and Jane Iredale

It is hard on all of us. Staying home is quite a challenge but necessary. I am writing as much as I can as I have two other outlets that need my attention as well. Please stay safe, healthy and do whatever you can to keep your mind, body and spirit active. Below are a few products to help you do just that!

Arbonne Botaniques PASSION FRUIT Hand Wash ($20,
Jet on a tropical vacation with every lather. We’ve elevated the ordinary hand-washing experience with the cheery scent of passion fruit. Aloe vera, containing vitamins and minerals that are taken from the inner part of the leaf, helps moisturize and soothe while passion fruit extract, an antioxidant, helps increase skin hydration.

Mind Rejuvenation Supplement:
Arbonne Essentials Mind Health ($57,
This supplement was created specifically for the mind and utilizes, sunflower seed derived phosphatidylserine and vitamin B12 to support neurological performance like concentration and focus. Use daily to help support brain health and cognitive performance including aspects like memory and learning. The delicious cherry-lime flavored formula has supportive ingredients like grape seed extract and CoQ10 to help maintain a healthy nervous system.

Moisturizing Hand Lotion (for all of those bathroom breaks)
jane iredale HandDrink® Hand Cream ($29,
A skin-quenching formula with SPF 15 broad spectrum sunscreen and a refreshing hint of lemongrass. Plus it’s reef-safe!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Zodica Perfumery: Perfume Products Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Zodica Perfumery fragrances, available in all twelve zodiac signs, were designed to be worn three ways – by sign, season, and attraction. Zodica Perfumery mindfully combines astrological traits, aromatherapy principals, and seasonal cues to express the vibe of each sign through scent.

How much do I embrace the concept behind Zodica Perfumery? A heck of a lot! I have always admired artists and the various brands that incorporated the zodiac signs as I believe most people can truly relate to their “sign” even if in a very general way. Some read their horoscopes daily, some purchase books to better understand the zodiac signs and many people have become celebrities based on their ability to help others understand their signs.

When I had my charts done a long while ago I did see many similarities based on the date and time of my birth so creating a perfume line based on your sign makes a lot of sense to me. All products are also intentionally made with both eco- conscious values and artisanal craft. No parabens, no phthalates, no artificial oils, no gluten, no GMO and cruelty free. Made in the U.S.A. too!

My Aries scent has top notes of Cinnamon and Blackberry, Middle Notes of Tobacco Flower and Amber and Bottom Notes of Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk. This fire sign scent is meant to evoke life force energy with a burst of warmth and strong woods. I must say that I am so excited to wear this as I do believe there very well could be a correlation between scent and our zodiac sign.

Zodica Perfumery also offers a Discovery Sample Gift Set. It was designed so you can explore all sides to your personality and mindfully experience the changing seasons of the year. Featuring twelve 1.5 ml mini-perfume spray bottles, one for each sign; a natal birth chart, which is a map of where all the planets were in the sky at the time you were born; a scent guide; and a credit to redeem one free 8ml Twist & Spritz Travel Spray; this unique discovery set allows you to be your own perfumer. MSRP: $60

Availability:; Zodica Flagship Boutique in Monroe, WI; QVC and select boutiques across the US.


Zodica Perfumery was founded by Kristi Moe in 2016 after three years of development, two blind studies, and multi-city market testing. The eco-conscious company uses organic and sustainable ingredients and packaging. The eau de parfums are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and do not contain parabens, phthalates, gluten, soy, or formaldehyde. Each fine fragrance evokes a vibe reflecting the sign’s personality, energy, and season. On average, 80% of people prefer their zodiac sign’s perfume over the other eleven.




Monday, March 16, 2020

New Lavishly Scented Soaps From Krigler

Now that washing hands has become more important than ever before, I introduce you to four luxurious hand made soaps from Krigler. Their perfumes have been a favorite of mine for years and am excited to sample their hand soaps. See below for details...


Four silky, non-drying soaps scented with the sumptuous Krigler fragrances inspired by the founder’s glamorous friends and their many travels. These meticulously crafted,perfumed soaps gently cleanse and soften skin while transporting you a beautiful place in time, evoking the same magic that moved Albert Krigler many years ago. The soaps are hand-made by an artisan from Saint-Remy de Provence in France from an ancestral recipe used by the Imperial family of Napoleon in France.

Chateau Krigler 12 Soap: A famous favorite of Grace Kelly, this long-lasting, hard-milled soap leaves skin soft and lightly scented with lily of the valley, mimosa, white musk, and rose. Its creamy and gentle formula, infused with Vitamin E and based on a 200-year-old recipe from Provence, leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and instantly refreshed.

Extraordinaire Camelia 209 Soap: Created in 2009 to celebrate Krigler’s 105th anniversary, this decadent fragrance blends Corsican lemon, Chinese Tea, and pink peppercorn with the warm and sultry scents of Indian cardamom, bourbon vanilla, and soft cedar. Infused into a nourishing, non-drying soap formulated with shea butter, the distinctive scent adds a luxurious touch to the bath, surrounding your senses with pure relaxation and pleasure. The fragrance is worn by Princess Charlene of Monaco and has been offered to Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge Catherine when she visited New York.

Lovely Patchouli 55 Classic Soap: This opulent and enduring fragrance, which was first formulated in 1955 and once worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, adds a sensual ambiance and air of mystery when introduced into the bath. The smooth, softly textured soap creates an exceptionally gentle lather, leaving skin warmly and sweetly scented with notes of amber, patchouli, bergamot, and leather.

America One 31, JFK Scent Soap: Beloved by many famous and refined Americans – J.F.K among them – this alluring, energetic scent was created in 1931 to celebrate the spirit of the U.S.A. As a soft, skin-smoothing soap, the fragrance is just as refreshing and captivating, with dry notes of black pepper and cumin mixing with citrusy neroli and woodsy vetiver.

ABOUT KRIGLER: Conceived of in 1904, the Russian-born, New York-Monte Carlo based namesake house was born of founder Albert Krigler’s desire to create unique luxury fragrances made with the finest ingredients from around the world. Krigler Perfumes rose to fame in the early 1920s as a favorite among celebrities and royals of the era, with high profile clients including John F. Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

International Women’s Day: Four Female Founded Brands

As  today is International Women’s Day and let’s celebrate some female-founded beauty companies and their founders. You know I believe all women, binary, non- binary, transgender, LGBTQ should be celebrated on a daily basis and today, this is recognized as a global celebration. Please see the information below on four female founders and CEOs (along with their most popular and / or newest products) that span the clean beauty, personal care and textured hair categories. These impactful females have devoting their careers to not only making a mark in their industries but inspiring other women in the process.

Lauren Lutchna, Founder and CEO of Farmstead Apothecary

Farmstead Apothecary - leaders in harvesting 100% plant based, effective skincare and personal care. The line is founded by Le Cordon Bleu Chef Lauren Lutchna, who spent years studying how ingredients interact with one another on a molecular level and channeled that expertise to create shelf stable, food based beauty. Out of concern for her family's health, and a growing frustration with synthetic ingredients and expensive natural products, Lauren used her education to formulate her own products to rid her home of anything with questionable ingredients. She formulated products that are 100% plant based and 99% organic, easy to use, residue free, and effective. Lauren realized they had something special and decided to sell their products so everyone could provide their families with pure, safe, and effective skin care. Every single bottle is handcrafted with love offering wholesome product formulations. 

Product to shop: Farmstead Apothecary FIG Bundle ($35.12 on Amazon): For the entire month of March, Farmstead Apothecary is offering a 10% off promotion of the Fig Bundle in support of International Women’s Month. The new Fig Bundle set comes with everything you need for a clean, organic routine including: Fig & Honey Anti-Aging Face Cream, Fig & Citrus Foaming Face Wash and Fig & Honey Lip Balm. The set contains jojoba oil to balance oil production, reduce redness & acne, and clear blemishes. Offering vegan and cruelty free products scented with real fruit, which has extra antioxidants to repair cell damage.

Jane Iredale, Founder of jane iredale – The Skincare Makeup®

Jane began her career as a casting director and Tony nominated writer/producer. After witnessing the confidence-shattering effects of stage makeup, which caused actresses to break out, forcing them to cover the damage with more irritating makeup, Jane was inspired to create makeup that was good for the skin. She began with her first product, Amazing Base Loose Mineral Foundation, launching the mineral makeup category and becoming one of the first women to elicit public conversation around ingredients in beauty products. Sold first through plastic surgeons and dermatologists (as the only makeup usable on skin after laser and other procedures), jane iredale – THE SKINCARE MAKEUP® is now distributed in 50+ countries with more than 500 skin-loving SKUs. jane iredale not only makes products that support women in looking and feeling their best, they also support local organizations with a similar mission. Through community service and meaningful partnerships including Look Good Feel Better, which helps women with cancer, the brand
proudly give back in ways that empower us all.

Product to shop: jane iredale Beyond Matte™ Liquid Foundation ($50, A clean, weightless, multitasking 3-in-1 foundation with buildable, stay-put coverage and a natural-looking semi-matte finish. Formulated with skin-nourishing, plant-based ingredients (Linseed, Celery Seed Extracts, plant-based Hyaluronic Acid) and available in 18 skin-adjusting shades. 100% vegan and always cruelty-free.

Courtney Adeleye, Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice

Courtney Adeleye built her hair empire from a home-based hobby into a multimillion dollar business in just two years’ time. She began her journey by mixing products in her kitchen and documenting her progress on YouTube (while working as a registered nurse). As her viewers watched her hair grow from chin length all the way down to her hip, they yearned for her help with their own tresses. Realizing that her passion for health as a nurse and unique medical knowledge filled a gap in the hair care community, she decided to go all in with product production, and The Mane Choice Hair Solution was born. As the brand commemorates its seventh year in 2020, The Mane Choice collections can be found in over 300,000 points of distribution, shipping worldwide via a dynamic e-commerce platform and recognized by top industry experts. Courtney is also extremely passionate about giving back to the community that has fueled her company’s rapid growth, as evident by her continual outreach through the successful “Pay My Bills” campaign, “The Bawse” Conference and many more. Courtney has plans to continue expanding her business, in her ongoing quest to lead the Healthy Hair Revolution.

Product to shop: Manetabolism Plus Vitamins ($25.99, Target): is a daily dietary supplement formulated to grow hair on the scalp longer, thicker, faster and healthier. The proprietary blend promotes the ability to regrow hair follicles in inactive areas of the scalp, prevent hair loss, remove scalp toxins and speed up hair growth. Additionally, the daily vitamins works to nourish and improve the overall health of the hair, prevents breakage, and stimulates the circulation on the scalp, improving overall hair quality.($25.99,, Target, Sally Beauty Supply and Rite Aid stores)

Chloe Mortaud is the "miss", or as the French say, Mademoiselle (ma-duh-mwa-zel), behind Mademoiselle Provence, an all-natural beauty line crafted with fine-quality ingredients from the South of France where nature’s best beauty secrets are kept. Raised in Southern France, Chloe was crowned ‘Miss France’ in 2009; after which, she traveled to the U.S. to connect with her mother’s African-American roots while setting out to build the American dream for her son, Matis. Whilst Chloe loved living in the States, the Franco-American entrepreneur felt something was missing. The former beauty queen yearned for the everyday ease of the French lifestyle and her hometown’s natural, aware way of living. Thus, Mademoiselle Provence was born – a line of natural bath & body products founded to combine heritage, naturalness and affordability into one simplistic brand.

Product Spotlight: Almond & Orange Blossom Hand Cream ($12.50, the combination of nourishing sweet organic almond along with the soothing prosperities of orange blossom extract, this hand cream smooths the most sensitive of skin. With 95.8% ingredients of natural origin, this hydrating hand cream restores softness with protective shea butter, moisturizing glycerin, soothing allantoin and replenishing olive oil.