Monday, March 16, 2020

New Lavishly Scented Soaps From Krigler

Now that washing hands has become more important than ever before, I introduce you to four luxurious hand made soaps from Krigler. Their perfumes have been a favorite of mine for years and am excited to sample their hand soaps. See below for details...


Four silky, non-drying soaps scented with the sumptuous Krigler fragrances inspired by the founder’s glamorous friends and their many travels. These meticulously crafted,perfumed soaps gently cleanse and soften skin while transporting you a beautiful place in time, evoking the same magic that moved Albert Krigler many years ago. The soaps are hand-made by an artisan from Saint-Remy de Provence in France from an ancestral recipe used by the Imperial family of Napoleon in France.

Chateau Krigler 12 Soap: A famous favorite of Grace Kelly, this long-lasting, hard-milled soap leaves skin soft and lightly scented with lily of the valley, mimosa, white musk, and rose. Its creamy and gentle formula, infused with Vitamin E and based on a 200-year-old recipe from Provence, leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and instantly refreshed.

Extraordinaire Camelia 209 Soap: Created in 2009 to celebrate Krigler’s 105th anniversary, this decadent fragrance blends Corsican lemon, Chinese Tea, and pink peppercorn with the warm and sultry scents of Indian cardamom, bourbon vanilla, and soft cedar. Infused into a nourishing, non-drying soap formulated with shea butter, the distinctive scent adds a luxurious touch to the bath, surrounding your senses with pure relaxation and pleasure. The fragrance is worn by Princess Charlene of Monaco and has been offered to Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge Catherine when she visited New York.

Lovely Patchouli 55 Classic Soap: This opulent and enduring fragrance, which was first formulated in 1955 and once worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, adds a sensual ambiance and air of mystery when introduced into the bath. The smooth, softly textured soap creates an exceptionally gentle lather, leaving skin warmly and sweetly scented with notes of amber, patchouli, bergamot, and leather.

America One 31, JFK Scent Soap: Beloved by many famous and refined Americans – J.F.K among them – this alluring, energetic scent was created in 1931 to celebrate the spirit of the U.S.A. As a soft, skin-smoothing soap, the fragrance is just as refreshing and captivating, with dry notes of black pepper and cumin mixing with citrusy neroli and woodsy vetiver.

ABOUT KRIGLER: Conceived of in 1904, the Russian-born, New York-Monte Carlo based namesake house was born of founder Albert Krigler’s desire to create unique luxury fragrances made with the finest ingredients from around the world. Krigler Perfumes rose to fame in the early 1920s as a favorite among celebrities and royals of the era, with high profile clients including John F. Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly.

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  1. Luscious soaps and pretty...I think I would use them as decorative peices. Stay safe love