Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Earth Day: Companies That Continue To Help The Planet

We are all in this together. It's been harder for me writing articles these days with having published thousands over the years yet we must focus on positivity whenever and wherever possible. It is Earth Day tomorrow and so many brands are doing wonderful things to help support the planet's well being. Below are a few prime examples.

According to USA Facts, 2019 was the second warmest year globally in the 140-year record, with temperatures 1.71 degrees warmer than the 20th century average. That should give us all pause for concern. The good news is that collectively, if we all make little changes, the effects will be widespread. Being aware of our carbon footprint is important. Both businesses and consumers can make a difference to help protect this remarkable planet for generations to come.

New World Natural Brands – parent company of nügg Beauty, Suki Skincare, Baebody, Baetea, and 18.21 Man Made – believes sustainability drives accountability. In celebration of Earth Day, New World Natural Brands is working with their portfolio to extend special offers to consumers and make donations where it counts. New World Natural Brands’ commitment to the planet is strong and unwavering: clean, green, and blue. Clean: formulas. Green: packaging. Blue: a deep concern for the care of our ocean.

From a New World Natural Brands perspective, the portfolio is focused on:

Safety – all ingredients and products are safe to use Natural – we strive to bring our consumers the best in natural and vegan formulations. Suki Skincare products are 100% natural, nügg Beauty products are 93%+ natural and all nugg lip products are vegan, Baebody products are 80%+ natural. And, 18.21 Man Made is transitioning to more natural formulations, most recently with the launch of their all-natural deodorants.

Cruelty-free – all New World Natural Brands products are cruelty-free
Sustainable – New World Natural Brands strives to use recyclable, recycled or reusable materials for all of their products to decrease their footprint on the Earth. 

We choose to partner with manufacturers and suppliers who align with these values. And, although our company-wide Earth Day Clean Up was canceled we are still doing our part and have asked our teammates to go pick up trash in their neighborhoods (from a socially safe distance, of course) or donate to a cause they are passionate about to celebrate the day,” says Shannon Curtin, CEO of New World Natural Brands.

nügg (pronounced like nugget) Beauty is cute but serious about skincare and helping the environment, nügg’s products are Leaping Bunny certified, cruelty-free, vegan and proudly made in the USA. There are no petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colors in any nügg products. 93% to 100% natural, nügg products are cute and colorful on the outside, but with serious clean formulations on the inside.

Recommended for Earth Day: Deep Clean – a cleansing and soothing mask that deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies pores to reveal a soft, smooth and matte complexion. Contains cucumber extract and aloe juice. Skin type: all, especially sensitive and acne-prone skin (SRP: $17.99 for a 5-pack and $3.99 for single use pod)

nügg is offering customers 20% off site wide + a free deep clean mask with every order with the code CLEAN20. The promotion ends April 30th at midnight CST.

Baebody & Baetea
– their message is clear:

We believe in the power of small business
We believe in being cruelty-free
We believe in using natural and safe ingredients
We believe in giving back to our community
We believe in Mother Earth and Her Inhabitants

This Earth Day, we believe.

From the company that brought you the #1 Eye Gel on Amazon, Baebody is a safe, natural and effective brand that offers a versatile line of cleansers, moisturizers, serums, hair care essentials and body scrubs. All products have 4+ stars and many are “Amazon Choice” winners.

Recommended for Earth Day: Baebody Eye Gel – formulated with top ingredients including Peptide Complex, Matrixyl 3000, Gotu Kola, Jojoba Oil, and an Amino Acid Complex, Amazon’s #1 selling eye gel with over sixteen thousand reviews boosts collagen, hydrates and firms skin around the eye. This safe and effective eye gel is designed for use morning and night to help reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, under eye bags and wrinkles. (SRP: $24.95)

Recommended for Earth Day: Baetea Hemp Oil Multi-Vitamin Gummy – an all-in-one action-packed gummy vitamin formulated with Hemp Oil to boost immunity, support digestive health and reduce inflammation (SRP: $19.95)

Baebody & Baetea are offering 30% off their entire collections in celebration of Earth Day from April 22 through April 24th. Must use code EARTHDAY at checkout.

*Perfect for Amazon Affiliate Members 

Suki Skincare – a special company with deep roots in clean beauty and strong, safe solutions, Suki is other level skincare the way it was meant to be: 100% Clean. 100% Effective. Simple. Committed to providing 100% clean, synthetic free, scientifically advanced skincare solutions.

Suki is cruelty free, vegan, synthetic-free, toxin-free, organic ingredients, Leaping Bunny Certified, contains organic ingredients, sulfate-free, paraben-free, petro-chemical free, natural fragrance, natural, pure, clean, and safe for sensitive skin.

Recommended for Earth Day: Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – purifies pores, reducing toxic build-up & debris. Promotes radiant, smooth, even skin tone. Smooths & softens complexion. Reduces dry skin build-up & blemishing of all kinds. Stimulates cellular renewal & jumpstarts collagen production. (SRP: $12/1 fl oz., $37/4 fl oz., $45/6.76 fl oz.)

Suki Skincare is donating 10% of all sales on April 22nd to the Earth Day Network.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pause-Well Aging: Share The Love Campaign

In these uncertain times, we can all appreciate positive content. As a gesture of thanks to their loyal community, Pause Well-Aging is launching a two-week campaign called Share the Love during which they will double any online order, sending one purchased set to you—and a second duplicatefree set to a friend or family member of your choosing. 
For example, if you order Pause’s Fascia Stimulating Tool and Collagen Boosting Moisturizer, a free Fascia Stimulating Tool and Collagen Boosting Moisturizer will also be mailed to your friend or family member.  
Just enter the code: ShareTheLove at checkout and look for a pop-up asking for your friend or family member’s shipping information.
“Right now, we could all use a little extra love, kindness and compassion, so we created the Share The Love campaign to enable you to take care of yourself and share the love with others. Let a friend, family member or loved one know that you are thinking about them and share the love to help make their day a little bit brighter,” says Rochelle Weitzner, CEO and Founder of Pause Well-Aging.

The Share the Love campaign began Friday, April 10 and ends Friday, April 24 and is only valid on purchases of $28 or more at pausewellaging.com.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Facing Our New Normal With A More Positive Outlook

This is not the usual B.I.O.A. article as I am not the usual Nicole nor is this the usual NYC that I have lived in for over twenty two years.

So, my new story begins. March 12th was the last time I attended an event and I thought twice about going yet it was an immersive event featuring a favorite artist of mine, Alexa Meade. The event, Immersed In Wonderland, was just magical and for an hour I felt as if I could simply live in the moment and enjoy the event. I had called press ahead of time to make sure there weren't hundreds of people attending as at the time, news was first getting out that we were to be cautious in large crowds. It was fantastic, I got dressed up, went into ever incredibly magical room, had time with Alexa and when I came home I realized that would be the last time I would be in close quarters with anyone except my immediate family for weeks. Possibly months.

Artist Alexa Meade and myself at Immersed In Wonderland on March 12, 2020.
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Palomaa.

As the days moved on, more and more news came out that there were no longer to be large events, non-essential businesses were to close and COVID-19 would soon take over the world as we knew it. I do not need to tell you the heart ache, the heart break and all other emotions I never even knew I had have been rearing their ugly heads ever since.

I barely go out and if I do, I wear my N95 mask thanks to a loved one. I am constantly washing my hands and am quick to shower within minutes of returning home. Beauty for me has always been an addiction, something to play with, put on to become another part of myself. If you, like me feel the same- then go ahead and use beauty in whatever shape or form it comes to you as an outlet to the madness. Look at your face as a beautiful canvas on which to explore.

My dear friend and founder of K3 MEDIA COLLECTIVE Lauren sent me this wonderful care package and I decided to play again like I had before. My first job out of college was working in the production area at CNP for Mademoiselle, Allure and AD. I remember looking at the cosmetic ads and being excited to come home with the hopes of replicating some of the looks I had earlier admired. Kevyn Aucoin was my favorite MUA (and still is) and I remember even before this I had books by Way Bandy! I have always been a beauty addict is what I am trying to convey.

NOTHING can replace what is going on outside, the fear, the loss, the sickness. What we can do is try and make the INSIDE as positive a place as possible. So, go ahead and play. Inside. 

God Bless You All. Nicole



These are some of the wonderful brands whom sent items to my home and I am forever grateful for their generosity. Each and every brand can be bought online and most are offering special discounts for their products.

nügg Beauty

nügg’s commitment is to their consumers during this time. nügg products can be found at grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Target, Meijer, and Giant Eagle – making it very convenient when you are picking up food for the week. If you’re sticking to online shopping only, you can find their products on Amazon and nuggbeauty.com. The brand is offering 20% off their entire site and also including a free Deep Clean Face Mask with all purchases.

Saint & Sinners

A brand who’s devoted to keeping hair care products clean of all harsh ingredients, Saints & Sinners is doing what they can to help during this difficult time. The brand will begin a series of cocktails and conversations on Monday, March 30, 2020 to connect with their clients and offer some friendship. Saints & Sinners is also donating cases of shampoo and conditioner to people on the front lines. They – of all people – deserve a little luxury during these trying times. For their consumers, the brand will include samples with all online orders and waive shipping fees.

Merle Norman Cosmetics

A brand which was started during the Great Depression, Merle Norman Cosmetics has been at the forefront to help Americans during difficult times. During World War II, the brand was a supplier of camouflage sticks and lubricating oil. Today the brand is producing World Health Organization approved Hand Sanitizer. Merle Norman Cosmetics is offering free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. (I am wearing their new Spring Lip Duet in Sweat Pea along with my favorite cheek crayon in Pink Lotus).