Thursday, April 8, 2021

Talika: Eye Therapy Patch

Who doesn’t love less puffy eyes?! Whether it be genetic, not sleeping enough, dehydration- these patches will help you both look and feel more refreshed. You already know I use eye patches all the time as I have one puffy eye that bothers me so very much. Once it is less enflamed- I feel so much better and seeing these patches do their magic is incredibly satisfying! 

Talika’s best-selling, breakthrough EYE THERAPY PATCH® was created 20 years ago in 2001, making it the very first reusable eye-depuffing treatment. Today, it’s still the best option for anyone seeking instant de-puffing and smoothing, as well as earth-friendly sustainability.

Why the EYE THERAPY PATCH® is still unequaled two decades years later:

The Patch is neither cloth, impregnated paper, nor a classic gel-based patch. Instead, it is a matrix of semi-solid plant oils.

 Unlike classic patches, the EYE THERAPY PATCH® itself is an “active ingredient.”
 Its soft, comfortable material offers optimal biocompatibility with the skin.
 It gradually releases the active ingredients for greater penetration into the skin.
 It can be reused at least three times, making it earth-friendly and economical.



1. Smooths, plumps and nourishes thanks to musk rose, wheat germ, avocado and shea butter plant oils, all natural sources of fatty acids and vitamins A and E.

2. Reduces bags and dark circles.
3. Moisturizes and protects with ceramides that repair the skin barrier and reduce dehydration.


To Use:

After cleaning and drying your skin, apply a patch under each eye; wait 15 to 30 minutes. After removing, rinse the patch and let air-dry. Patches are reusable at least 3 times.



At for $60 (set of six pairs) or $9 (one pair).