Thursday, June 5, 2014

British Sterling Men's Cologne Makes a Comeback!

If you're looking for any last minute Father's Day gift guide items, I have a great affordable option for you!  British Sterling mens cologne, a favorite from the 70's (over 50 million sold!), is making a new comeback with two fantastic blends - H.I.M. Reserve and H.I.M. Private Stock. I had seen them at my local CVS and they looked beautiful in person as they deliver a nice presentation as well as scent!

At a pricepoint of $24.99, it makes for a fantastic (and affordable) gift for Dads this Father's Day. 

A bit more about the company:
  • British Sterling H.I.M. ‘Reserve’ -- a provocative oriental blend of fresh citruses, bold spices and sensual woods 
  • British Sterling H.I.M. ‘Private Stock’ -- which showcases fresh citruses  combined with crisp woods, aromatic spices and rich undertones
The two are launching with support from newly appointed spokesperson Brooke Sterling, the fragrance's spokesperson, who is teaching men how to make #SterlingChoices in her first "instructional" video here. 

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