Monday, June 30, 2014

Hairroin Salon in Urban Outfitters Herald Square

Walking into the new Urban Outfitters Herald Square location was exciting. It is very large and has a department store feel-with an edge. I happen to like a lot of their graphic tees and capsule collections and was especially excited to get my hair cut, colored and blown dry by Master Stylist and Artistic Director Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon on their ground level. I like the idea of a LA based and well known salon partnering with an on trend company such as UO. I have already written up the salon, yet I wanted to give you my personal spin on the vibe....

Luis was very kind and the space itself is both stylish and raw at the same time. Everything is black and white and the stylists have you sitting in front of passerby's. I did a lot of smiling and waving as I was getting thumbs up as Luis proceeded to color my long blonde locks. He added warmth and an overall more even color as there was a definite mark that showed where I did my own root touch ups. He had first asked me what I wanted as my overall look and did not cut more than an inch in length as I told him I loved my length (appropriate or not at 45, I love it). I believe the flat iron had fried some of my hair and Luis made sure to deep condition my hair so that when I left it was super shiny and healthier looking. I did do a Keratin treatment back in December yet before that barely ever wore my hair down. Ever since the Keratin treatment, I have liked wearing it long and straight. 

Hairroin offers a bevvy of options such as hair extensions, hair feathers, tooth jewels, and so much more. For details on pricing and options Hairrion salon offers, kindly visit Hairroin Salon. Please note they are also the only Flagship salon right now carrying R+Co which was developed by Garren, Thom Priano and Howard McLaren and their packaging drew me in right you can see below. 

Luis and I after my treatment!

The plethora of hair extension color choices!

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  1. Kuddos to them! Your hair looks wondrous..........Then again, they have a lot to work with, with a beauty like you, Nicole.