Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thakoon: Get The Look with Kérastase

HAIR: Odile Gilbert for Kérastase Paris


This look features an effortless hairstyle with plenty of texture and natural movement to complement the ethereal makeup. The last step of sweeping the hair to the side with a touch of Crème da la Crème embodies a "Cindy Crawford early 90s" inspired look. The style is sexy, yet unexpected, as the hair looks as if it were blowing naturally in the wind.


1. Start the look with wet hair.

2. Liberally spray Spray-a-Porterthroughout the hair and scrunch with fingertips to create texture.

3. Flip head upside down and roughly blow dry using finger tips to comb through strands. Flip back up.

4. Curl pieces throughout the hair by twirling around finger while continuing to blow dry with a diffuser.

5. Flip head upside down and spray withLaque Dentelle all over and then tease roots to create volume.

6. Take a dab of Crème de la Crème on fingertips and gently push hair back, sweeping it to the side.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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