Friday, September 18, 2015

SLAPS- Satin Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae, the founder of SLAPS - Satin Lined Caps has created a wonderful beanie for all occasions- it is a true multi-tasker, like me!

Grace needed to find something that covered her head on bad hair days as well as offered her hair protection while she slept. Everything on the market was not to her liking so she decided to create her own...

SLAPS stylishly prevents frizz, breakage & bedhead!

Most women don't know but their cotton pillowcase is sucking the moisture out of their hair. The secret to protection is satin. Cotton & wool caps cause static as the moisture is removed. These colorful beanies are lined with silky-satin that lets hair fall effortlessly after use. Grace wears them to bed every night and on those long planes ride from LA. Everyone suffers from a bad hair day and SLAPS ($29.95) can help!

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