Friday, September 18, 2015

New: Red Door Spa Treatments

The Red Door Spa introduces these new treatments for Fall:
Say goodbye to summer with Red Door Spa’s new services to refresh and revitalize your beauty regimen for fall. Parting can be sweet withRed Door Spa’s new Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Melt spa treatments designed to repair, reinvigorate and renew dry, dull, and lackluster skin from summer. Starting in September following New York Fashion Week, visit any Red Door Spa locations nationwide and awaken your senses with the new Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Melt services, including a body treatment, and spa manicure and pedicure.

Red Door Spa Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Melt Body Treatment (50 minutes; $135)

Relax and rejuvenate with this service, starting with the scrumptious pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub, made with California Bartlett pears and rich in Vitamin E rice bran oil, leaving skin exfoliated and polished to perfection. Following the exfoliation, a rich and creamy application of marshmallow shea butter is applied during a targeted, therapeutic body massage, allowing the skin to effectively absorb the nutrients for smoother, toned skin. This divine and fragrant treatment provides a wonderful experience of deep body relaxation and renewal.

Brandy is an interesting ingredient which has been used in skincare for ages. Brandy contains antioxidants to fight harmful free radical formation in skin cells. The sea salt in the scrub is one of my favorites -- it’s a powerful natural exfoliator that’s packed withvitamins and essential minerals for the skin, including Vitamin C and Copper,” said Glenn Ferrugiari, National Director of Body Services at Red Door Spa. “This body treatment is ideal for those looking to refresh, repair and renew skin from the summer.”

Red Door Spa Brandied Pear and Marshmallow Melt Manicure & Pedicure – (120 minutes, $120)

Sit back and unwind with this all-inclusive, luscious manicure and pedicure. The first step includes a pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub, followed by a hydrating massage of the hands and arms with the marshmallow shea butter cream. Also included in the treatment is an indulgent paraffin treatment to leave skin feeling nourished for healthy-looking hands and feet. We love Essie’s Ballet Slippers as seen at the Rachel Antonoff show and Matte About You at the Vivienne Tam show during NYFW S/S 2016.

The hydrating marshmallow melt shea butter cream used in the manicure and pedicure is infused with an exquisite blend of skin-replenishing ingredients including Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Cacao Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil,” said Adeline Sarino, National Training Director of Nail Services at Red Door Spa. “These ingredients quickly absorb to nourish even the severest of dry skin, leaving behind a radiant glow.”

Manicure only (45 minutes; $50)

Hands are gently exfoliated with a succulent pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub to smooth dry skin, followed by a hydrating massage with a rich and fluffy marshmallow shea butter. A warmparaffin treatment seals in moisture and softens hands. Finish the look with any nail polish shade of your selection.

Pedicure only (75 minutes; $80)

Sit back and relax with this decadent service starting with an exfoliation of the legs and feet with a pear-infused brandy and sea salt scrub to treat dry skin. Following, enjoy a relaxing leg and foot massage with a hydrating marshmallow shea butter. Next, ahealing paraffin treatment revitalizes tired feet, and toes are polished to perfection.

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