Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Candles To Love From Three Different Brands and Price Points

I happen to love all different kinds of scented candles. Although I am a bit more sensitive to very strong scents- I am always pleased to either give or receive candles at all times! 

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious candle that’s worth the splurge, a candle that doubles as a flower pot after burning, or a candle that will fill your home with a festive fragrance all year long- I have options for you. I am always using candles as fragrances throughout my home and realized you can layer the scents, too! You simply can’t go wrong with the 3 candles below.

Hive Hex Candle - The  Luxury Candle 

Something special happens when you light a candle; the air becomes comforting, the atmosphere warm. The Hex Hive Candle sparks a feeling of joy and happiness when lit in your home, bringing magic and light to where there was darkness. When the scent of a newly lit candle begins to whisper around your nose, a feeling of comfort and euphoria takes over. Fragrance is one of the senses most closely related to memory. The journey this candle you on is vast, beginning with the initial alluring scent and concluding with a fond memory that was once forgotten. With three unique and tantalizing fragrances, each Hex Hive Candle perfumes the air with a new thought, a feeling, or, perhaps the best gift of all-a memory.

 Vim + Vigor - The Reusable Candle  


Vim + Vigor creates 100% natural soy wax candles with the most delightful and unexpected fragrance combinations that will transport you away to your happy place. Goodbye stress! These meticulously crafted fragrance blends like grapefruit and vanilla, beach linen and driftwood, and tobacco and amber, are designed to awaken your senses while delivering a sense of peace. Vim + Vigor candles are hand-poured into beautiful natural wood and pure copper vessels so beautiful you’ll want to keep them around long after your candle has burned. And that’s exactly the idea. Vim + Vigor candles are made to be repurposed as plant pots, mugs, vases or anything you can imagine.

Les Creme - The Year-Round Holiday Candle 

If you still love holiday scents and want to burn them all year long you're in luck! Les Crème offers the healthiest and best-scented candle on the market today! Their clean-burning, toxin-free candle, was formulated using 100% botanical organic coconut wax and cotton wicks. Personalize and perfect the mood of your home with our serene and seductive candles. 

Staying Cozy This Valentine’s Day with Heat Holders

Yes, this year is definitely different than others yet Valentine’s Day remains the same. Cozy up with your favorite person, pet, doll or whomever you choose to with heat holders. They offer a variety of throw blankets yet also have three levels of warmth socks, hats, loungewear and more. 

Below is my new favorite throw, convertible mittens and socks! 


There are more wonderfully warm products to choose from, too!

Refresh your wardrobe and try Heat Holders. The award-winning thermal socks and loungewear brand offers the comfiest socks, loungewear and throw blankets. Their products are so cozy! 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Fashion Nova Launches Maven Beauty

As I get older and my teens let me more into their world- Fashion Nova is talked about quite a bit in this household. They seem to cover so many areas- similar to what a lifestyle brand does- that this new latest launch makes perfect sense to me. 

Fashion Nova has just entered the beauty space with the launch of Maven Beauty, the affordable, 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand for everyone, where every item is under $20! The first collection of pro-level beauty essentials, called “Basic Beat,” just launched exclusively online at and includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, lashes, liners, brushes and powders ranging from $6-19! 
Fashion Nova celebrity fans include Kylie JennerCardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, who’s very own Fashion Nova line launches Nov. 18. Fashion Nova has always been a brand that celebrates diversity, body positivity, inclusivity and beauty in all forms, so it’s no surprise they are finally releasing their own beauty line, by popular demand, with high-quality formulations in a variety of shades and palettes for everyone. 

Holiday Gift Options: CBD Living

I know it's a bit early to write about Holiday Gifts- yet- if you are anything like me- you like getting things done earlier rather than later. If ever there were a holiday season that necessitated self-care and wellness-related gifts, this is it. Luckily, California-based CBD Living is here to deliver. 

CBD Living topical products are incredibly gift-able. I say this from the heart as quite a few products seen below were kindly gifted to me to sample.

Bath Bombs in five scents (Relaxing Lavender, Soothing Eucalyptus, Zenful Amber Bergamot Refreshing Coconut Lime and seasonal Pumpkin Spice) and Soaps make for the perfect DIY spa day. Give the gift of a massage with CBD Living Massage and Body Oil, followed by CBD Living Lotion. Your favorite fitness enthusiast will love treating their body to CBD Living FreezePatch and Salve. A selection of Bundles makes gift-giving even easier.

I found their products to be soothing to the skin and not too heavily scented. I am quite sensitive to overly scented products but these were just perfect. The CBD Living Massage and Body Oil was a favorite as it gently absorbed into my dry skin within it's first application. Any of their products would make for great gifts as they are available at many different price points. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Leonor Greyl : Helps To Keep Platinum Locks Platinum

Something I have done during quarantine is not wash my hair often which in turn is extending the color of my hair. Leonor Greyl has such wonderful products and the one's below are intended to do just that- extend the life of your color. 

As I don't have the products yet, I am taking the cues from one of my closest friends that is in fact a platinum blonde like myself. She has been using color enhancing conditioner Leonor Greyl Soin Repigmentant in Icy Blonde for 2 months now. Plus she washes her hair once a week with Leonor Greyl Shampoo Sublime Mèches for Highlighted Hair color and swears her blonde color has yet not disappeared.  

I cannot wait to update you all on how it works on me as my colorist has just sent me my color to DIY and I have been doing pretty well on my own! The thought of extending the color maintenance in between has me very excited! Stay tuned for my update yet always a fan of the Leonor Greyl brand.