Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Fragrance: GUESS Dare

Dare to be bold.
Dare to be different.
Dare to strut your stuff.

New York, NY—Daring. Confident. Provocative. For more than 30 years, the GUESS Girl has been a fashion leader. Young and carefree, she boldly guides her social tribe on adventures, inspiring with her vibrancy and sexiness. She's the leader of the pack.  Now, Coty Beauty introduces the latest fragrance in the GUESS Parfums portfolio: GUESS Dare. Bold and spirited, this fragrance is a green and fruity floral guaranteed to raise temperatures.

“The GUESS Girl is sexy and adventurous, which is the essence of the brand and the inspiration behind our newest fragrance, GUESS Dare,” says Paul Marciano, GUESS CEO and Creative Director.  “We believe this scent will inspire girls everywhere to take risks, live freely and continue to challenge the norm.”

An Adventurous Scent
Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic of IFF was inspired by sexy, daring 70s icons like Charlie's Angels, Bond Girls and Peggy Lipton in the Mod Squad, choosing a unique blend of notes that captures the audacious spirit of the GUESS Girl.

"GUESS Dare is a perfect fit for Millennials who have a similar spirit and mindset of the teens growing up in the 70s," says Jovanovic. “The untamed wildness of Thelma and Louise's fearless road trip provided a guide map for the adventurous GUESS Dare Girl, who uses her radiant femininity to break free.”   

As the first green and fruity floral in the house of GUESS Parfums, the fragrance is striking in its modernity. The vibrancy of the scent is apparent with juicy top notes of crisp Kumquat, shimmering Pear Blossom, and fresh Lime Flower. Living Palm Springs Cactus Flower, a bright green, dry floral originating in the West Indies, anchors the heart of the fragrance with subtle, dry, woody undertones evoking youthful spirits and wild adventures. Middle notes include seductive Jasmine and feminine Wild Rose. Finally, it reaches an enticing finish with lingering Blonde Woods, primal Musk, and Living Key West Coconut Palm, a creamy, floral, watery green native to South Florida that dries down to cast a radiant light over the fragrance.

Top notes: Crisp Kumquat, Pear Blossom, Lime Flower
Heart notes: Living Palm Springs Cactus Flower, Jasmine, Wild Rose
Base notes: Blonde woods, Living Key West Coconut Palm, Musk

The Total Package
Designed by Lance McGregor, the GUESS Dare packaging features a feminine pink bottle, proudly displaying shapely curves synonymous with the GUESS Girl. The sides of the delicate bottle are celebrated with edgy facets to symbolize the alluring contradiction of girliness and edginess. A sexy rose gold chain featuring the GUESS logo rests around the bottle's neck, while the iconic GUESS triangle is featured on the top of the rose-gold cap. Within the bottle, the peachy-apricot juice is displayed, beautifully complementing the metallic rose gold tone.

The prominence of denim for GUESS both past and present is displayed in the faded denim carton marked with rose gold studs, which embodies the brand and provides an identifiable GUESS signature look. The provocative contrast between the feminine, luxurious sensuality of the bottle and the sexy, frayed denim carton is unmistakable.

Guess Who?
Modern girls function in social groups, and the GUESS Dare Girl is the head of the tribe. She's young, adventurous and knows life is to be lived out loud and shared with friends. The GUESS Dare Girl not only follows trends but also sets them.
Photographed and directed by Yu Tsai, the GUESS Dare advertising campaign epitomizes the bold, playful and social spirit of GUESS Dare. Clad in sexy GUESS denim shorts, Spanish model Leticia Zuloaga is the most daring of the pack, forming a trio of iconic GUESS beauties with her girlfriends: blonde bombshell Megan Williams and seductive brunette, Natasha Bernard. Together, the girls are ready to take on the town, strutting down the street underneath palm trees and turning heads as the temperature rises.

In the television commercial, the three GUESS Dare Girls strut down the street, catching the eye of a gorgeous man on a motorcycle. Never one to turn down a dare from her friends, Leticia spritzes the enticing fragrance on her scarf and hands it to her handsome admirer as a memento. Like a true GUESS Girl, she knows how to leave a lasting impression.

GUESS Dare Collection:

Eau de Toilette 30ml   $40.00
Eau de Toilette 50ml   $52.00
Eau de Toilette 100ml $62.00

Available worldwide September 2014 at GUESS retail stores, department stores and Guess

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