Sunday, September 7, 2014

Glamour Magazine: Street Glam at Chelsea Market (last day today)

Glamour magazine's goal (@glamour_mag) per the delightfully warm Lauren Dreeland, Executive Director of Partnerships, was to allow all of us to feel as if we are runway ready. To feel like VIP's in our own city without needing to be an Editor, Blogger, etc. No credentials were needed here! Just walk into their pop up shop and get Glamorized! All at no cost to you as you are on THEIR list!

Starting with Philosophy, you were treated to facials with new products as well as seeing my favorite cleanser, Purity, taking center stage. Their purity wipes, hope in a jar and Purity cleanser are faves of mine.

Giorgio Armani's newest fragrance Si was for all to sample as well as sending a hand stamped I totaled love note to someone for free. I sent a love note to my children! 

Then there was GILT with hand selected products from the editors of Glamour that you were able to try on right there and then and purchase if you chose to. 

Next up FOLLI FOLLIE with their gorgeous bags and jewelry and each person got a free Flash Tattoo applied to them within their booth. My how I loved that black bag with the rose gold trim! 

My personal favorite was getting my hair colored at the Garnier booth by Melinda Martinez who made me look feel beautiful. People stopped and stared as she applied Garnier's Blue Temporary Color to my hair strand by strand and then curled my keratin straightened hair into a cascade of blue locks. I ansolutel 100% loved it! Braids were also being offered yet I went for the color. Go Garnier! 

Maybelline offered touch ups using their latest nude palette, dream wonder foundation, kajal liners, etc. and everyone was given a free polish of their choice upon leaving their station. Everyone left feeling like a million bucks!

I cannot tell you how many smiles were had yet my photo booth pic from the previous day says it all. Street Glam is open today as it is their last day so go to Chelsea Market from 12-6 and let yourself be pampered! #streetglam

Be sure to follow the action on IG at #streetglam to see all of the wonderful posts! Thank you Glamour Magazine for making us all feel like our streets are our own personal runways! 

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  1. I loved the way your hair turned out, you attend the fun events! Thanks for always sharing with us!