Tuesday, September 23, 2014

illuMask Debuts: Fighting Acne!

Thursday night, the apple craze had already begun, as lines wrapped around New York City street corners and dedicated customers anxiously awaited the release of the new i-phone 6. Hundreds of people sat, stood, slept, and even fought acne-causing bacteria while waiting for the doors of Apple to open. Glowing red and blue LED lights emitted from the mile long line as men and women of all ages experienced the newest in beauty technology, the Anti-Acne illuMask.

The illuMask has become one of the beauty industry’s most raved about breakthrough beauty devices, hitting shelves in February of 2014 and now readily available at Walmart, Ulta, and Target. The Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask uses groundbreaking, patented technology to deliver all the benefits of light therapy in a convenient hands-free mask. A combination of both red light and blue light reduces inflammation, evens skin tone and combats acne-causing bacteria. The device slips comfortably on the face for a 15-minute treatment that yields greater results than the leading prescription drug acne treatments.  “I wanted to create a device that would give everyone the opportunity to experience advanced skincare technology,” says Jay Tapper, founder and CEO of La Lumière LLC and the illuMask brand.  Check out this illuMask at illuMask
La Lumière Anti-Acne illuMask
Price: $30
Where to buy: Ulta, Walmart, Target

Photo credit: Harrison Steg

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