Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beauty Looks and More for Fall!

A break from NYFW for all of us...just for a moment to share some great looks and DIY reminders....

Who does not envy Gwen’s effortlessly cool and ageless style? With a few easy tips from celebrity stylist Umberto you can achieve this look at home!

1. Blow dry hair with our UMBERTO Beverly Hills Controller Conditioning Spray and Oval Boar and Nylon brush.

2. Once hair is dry, go over strands with the UBH ICU 10 Styler to get hair ‘spaghetti’ straight.

3. Finish with a dime size drop of UMBERTO Beverly Hills Roman Oil Serum to smooth and eliminate flyaways.

Without the proper guidance the simplest styles can sometimes the most difficult to achieve. Follow these steps from Umberto to copy Allison Williams’ sleek pony!

1. Use the UMBERTO Beverly Hills Medium Brush and blow dry a 1” section framing the face and clip out of the way

2. Tease the top of your hair to create a “cushion of hair for height”

3. Drop the 1” section over the cushion and smooth back with the UMBERTO Beverly Hills Oval Brush

4. Secure in either a simple pony, bun or twist and finish with a spray of the UMBERTO Beverly Hills Shimmer Shine Spray.

Geometric DIY Nail Art

It would be pretty hard to ignore the fact that “Nail Art” is back and in full force. From crystals, to chrome dipped nail polish to embellished designs- nail art now graces the fingers of every cuticle conscious gal. Aside from the Barbie nail art book you probably had when you were 12, this DIY nail design make this trend easily attainable for the tips of your fingers! Follow these DIY steps for a geometric nail art look!

· Apply a Base Coat to your entire nail

· Once dry, position a piece of Scotch tape on your nail in the desired design and apply next color (in order to achieve a clean look we recommend using colors that go from light to dark to avoid any funny shading)

· Once the second layer is dry, position a new piece of Scotch tape in the next desired design and apply third and final color.

· Remove the scotch tape while the third nail color is still wet and apply a thick top coat to lock in your unique design

· And…Vuala! A perfect geometric nail pattern to follow the Nail Art trend!

Crunched For Time?

We all know how difficult it is to get to the gym everyday- let alone having enough time for cardio and weight training. So this my friends, is the perfect time to put your multi-tasking skills to the test. While doing your normal cardio workout, whether you are on a treadmill, elliptical or bike, grab a pair of 5 lb. weights and put your upper-body to work. Complete a one-minute set of shoulder presses, bicep curls and triceps extensions for an all-around upper-body workout. So put an end to your excuses and start combing your workout routines to save time and tone up!

First Day of Fall

September 22 officially marks the beginning of fall, which means it's finally time to stash the bikinis and daisy dukes and unearth those woolly sweaters from under the bed. Take advantage of the cool and temperate weather by spending more time outside. Since apples are in season, take a trip to your local orchard and pick your own – just remember to pack a scarf or sweater for chilly evenings. With an abundance of fresh fruit the possibilities are endless: apple sauce, cider, tarts and pies, making the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor a way” all the more fun – and delicious!


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