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Recreate the look: Sombre (subtle + ombre)

Ombre, Sombre- what I need is an hombre?! 

Seriously speaking I have tried so many looks and I do like the idea of a more subtle graduation of color. I still have my weak spots for color, don't get me wrong, but you can do that too in a more subtle fashion...

Ombré had its moment in the spotlight. Now it’s time for the chicer sister to step out front and center…her name is sombré (subtle + ombré). Sombré is a coloring technique that allows for a softer, more natural diffusion of color, so even those of us who aren’t red carpet regulars or big personalities can actually sport it with ease.

Below, are some of the most common questions about pulling off this look and expert responses from our roster of stylists, including:

· George Papanikolas, Matrix Celebrity Stylist and Colorist
· Joel Warren, Master Colorist and Co-Founder of Warren-Tricomi Salons
· Chaz Dean, International Hair Expert and Creator of WEN®


Which celebs sport this look best and why?

• GP: I’ve personally done this look on Jenna Dewan Tatum, Nicole Scherzinger and Minka Kelly. Jessica Biel rocks this perfectly also

• JW: Recently I’ve seen some great sombré on Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

• CD: Elizabeth Olsen and Jessica Biel are two celebrities who I’ve seen wearing this trend beautifully and effortlessly. Each one has dramatic color at the ends and front, but it is done in a way that is subtle so that the color very naturally blends with the rest of the hair.

Is it true that sombré is a more low maintenance look than traditional ombre?

• GP: There is actually a little more maintenance with sombré because it usually has fine delicate highlights at the roots that gradually fade to lighter brighter ends. The great thing is that it grows out softly, and only needs to be retouched about every 12-14 weeks. It's also much more gentle on the hair since you don't usually need to drastically lighten the hair to achieve the look. This causes less damage, requiring less treatments and conditioning.

• CD: Sombré is a great way for blondes especially to go a bit darker at the root and get that burst of color in the front, which allows for less maintenance.

What are the key tips to sporting sombré?

• GP: It should have a soft sun kissed effect, and a variation of light and dark hair. The ideal sombré has soft delicate highlights at the root area that gradually get lighter at the ends. All the ends of the hair should not look dip dyed. Instead there should be pieces of lightness and darkness mixed together with more of the darker color at the root area.

What type of hair wears sombré best? Can all face shapes and hair lengths rock this trend?

• GP: Every look except for very short hair can sport the look. It's become the new classic in hair color. Traditional uniform streaks from roots to ends look very dated, and conventional. The most modern and sophisticated brunettes have a soft sun-kissed sombré effect.

• JW: The best hair for a sombré is long hair cut at one length, either thick or thin. This is best for both ombre and sombré looks. The idea is that you need enough hair to really see the variation of color, without it having to be condensed in short hair.

• CD: Sombré is pulled off best on longer hair because the color needs to flow and blend into the base hair color, which isn’t easy to do with shorter styles without looking choppy and color-blocked.

How can blondes best wear sombré? Brunettes?

• GP: It can look great on anyone, except very blonde clients. Since this color just accents the natural hair, it’s usually the most flattering effect for everyone.

• JW: Ombré and sombrés look best on straight/wavy hair, as you can see the color best this way. Unlike ombres, which are best for brunettes, sombres look great on both brunettes and blondes. It’s a great way for blondes to go lighter without a major color commitment.

• CD: Blondes should choose a color that is a few shades brighter than their base and let it flow into the hair less and less dramatically about six inches from the crown.

How long can you expect it to last/when should you go in for touch ups?

• GP: Depending on how much highlighting you do at the root area determines how often you need to highlight. If you only do the miss and ends, you can go up to 6 months or 2 haircuts between touch ups. If you highlight at the root area, then every 3-4 months should be sufficient.

What are your tips/products for best maintaining your sombré look?

• GP: Any time you lighten your hair, you need to add extra moisture to your regimen. Matrix Biolage Hydrasource, and Keratindose are my go to products.

• JW: As with all color, I recommend using color treated shampoo and conditioner. A salon (or at-home) glaze is also helpful a month or two after coloring to help preserve the hair’s shine, which in turn enhances the color.


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