Monday, July 28, 2014

Oscar de la Renta: Launches Exclusive Collection of Six Fragrances

You may not remember this, but as I was looking for the Oscar de la Renta Limited Edition nail polishes in his namesake boutique a couple of years ago, I caught a glimpse of one of the most elegant men I had ever seen. Turns out it was the designer himself and my knees started to buckle. His line is luxurious and elegant and these new Fragrances are, too. 

" To wear perfume is a luxury; it's about spoiling yourself with fantasy."

The Essential Luxuries collection was inspired by the designer's mastery of fashion and his enriched, joy-filled life. The six fragrances were created to attract anyone drawn into his personal world- a gracious, outgoing, bin vivant with impeccable taste and the polish of a true gentleman. Each fragrance echoes the close connections to Oscar's vibrant life and loves...

The collection includes Santo Domingo which is where Mr. de la Renta is from and has a smooth, smoky tabac fragrance that was inspired by the tropical setting of his birthplace. From the fresh, citrusy top notes to the rich warmth of tobacco and spices, this fragrance is meant to be shared.

Granada is a romantic citrus floral accord with a feminine air. It was inspired by the memories of Spain. Early in his life, Oscar de la Renta became captivated with Spain in such a way that it would influence his work forever. 

Oriental Lace is a dark, daring oriental laced with gourmand nuances that are quite opulent. This fragrance unfolds to reveal a warm, inviting blend of the unique hoya carnosa flower with hints of honey and bitter almond. Patchouli and dark cacao impart a mysterious treat to this oriental fragrance.

Mi Corazon is an unmistakable white floral bouquet that was created for his beloved daughter Eliza. They had a mutual adoration for the distinctive scent of ylang- ylang and both the flower and Eliza are known for their undeniable charm, style and strength. Tuberose, hand picked ylang- ylang mingle with peach for a tropical twist.

Sargasso ( pictured/sampled)  is a crisp, green invigorating scent that has fresh citrus notes that are combined with patchouli to give the fragrance a lasting, extraordinary finish. It smells a bit like the sea to me and I felt romantic wearing it.

Coralina is a timeless, classic floral bouquet that is ultra feminine and completely soft, serene and unforgettable. Mr. de la Renta was inspired by the opalescent ginger colored stone known as the Coralina stone and it has been a unifying theme throughout his collection, accessories and now a fragrance to echo it's splendor.

Available for $ 150 each, you can find this new collection at Saks Fifth Avenue New York,, select Neiman Marcus stores,, Oscar de la Renta boutiques and on

Which fragrance speaks to you? 

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