Monday, July 21, 2014

Juara: Do you know your Scentscope?

Every zodiac sign as we know has it's own personality traits making it befitting that they we are attracted to different scents. Juara's two perfume oils, Candlenut and Tiare Jasmine are similar in that they are a concentrated blend of botanical oils in an alcohol free, long wearing elixir that melts right into your skin, but their scents are wildly different! 

Find out here which one is in the stars for you, and exactly where to apply it for maximum enjoyment....

Aries- Best Placement (dab your fragrance behind your knees as your constant motions will heat and diffuse the scent to subtly surround your whole body) and you will connect with the lush, green nuances of bamboo and palm fronds mixed with violet petals in the Juara Tiare Jasmine for an overall, crisp, exotic floral scent ($ 28).

Taurus- Best Placement ( dab your scent behind your neck for all of those air kisses to be infused with your signature scent) and you will connect with white blooming jasmine and sparkling bergamot in Juara Candlenut ($28) as it compliments your bubbly personality.

Gemini- Best Placement ( rub your scent through your hair as nothing feels better than an adventure with the wind whipping through your hair) and you will connect with Juare Candlenut as it's exotic Indonesian bouquet of lush greens and jasmine make you feel as if you were whisked away to a secluded tropical beach.

Cancer- Best Placement ( since you are ruled by your emotions, place a few dabs of fragrance on your heart and between your breasts). Your passion will diffuse it throughout the day and you will connect with the Juara Tiare Jasmine as the comforting notes of delicate freesia and gentle rose will soothingly envelop your senses.

Leo- Best Placement ( It's only befitting that the pulse points on your wrist are the perfect spots for your scent as promises are often solidified with a sincere handshake which mean a lot to you) and you will connect with Juara Tiare Jasmine as it's a fragrance that captures the majesty of Indonesia at sunrise.

Virgo- Best Placement ( being the giver that you are, place your fragrance on your wrists so that every time you give someone a helping hand, your scent will lift their spirits) and you will connect with Juara Candlenut as the cocooning warm scent will make you swoon. 

Libra- Best Placement ( since you are always the life of the party, dab a bit of scent behind your ears so that each time you flash your ear to ear smile, your scent will enhance your natural attraction) and you will connect with Juara Tiare Jasmine as you will love the invigorating scent which contains Indonesian tiare flower coupled with delicate jasmine and magnolia petals.

Scorpio- Best Placement ( as any hot blooded passionate woman would do, you would place your fragrance between your breasts, then watch the men around you melt) and you would connect with Juara Tiare Jasmine as the sultry notes of vanilla, amber and musk capture your passionate personality.

Sagittarius- Best Placement ( dab your fragrance on the inside of your elbows so that every time you embrace someone with open arms, your scent will enhance the celebration) and you will connect with Juara Tiare Jasmine as the musk, amber, vanilla and amber will make you feel content.

Capricorn- Best Placement ( focus is your forte so place your scent behind your ears and at the base of your neck to help keep your head in the game) and you will connect with Juara Candlenut as you do not like distractions and the comforting, warm scents will be perfect for you.

Aquarius- Best Placement ( casual chic is your MO so place your fragrance right at the nape of your neck as what is more chic than detecting one's scent only when getting up close and personal?). You will connect with Juara Candlenut as it's the perfect soft, earthy yet delicate scent for you.

Pisces- Best Placement ( whether you need to ground your dreams or overcome insecurities, your heart is at the center of your actions. That's exactly where to dab your fragrance) and you will connect with Juara Candlenut as you will want to dive into the fresh hints of coconut water as it has a soothing vibe.

I am an Aries who is independent, outgoing and went straight to the correct scent for me, the Juara Tiare Jasmine! I was immediately attracted to the exotic scent!

Available at Juara , you can find your scentscope along with many other skin care products.

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