Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013: Some Truly Great Times

First let me start off by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! I was looking over my pics and a few occasions really stuck out both in my heart and mind and I wanted to share them with you. 

I have been blessed with meeting such talented people over the past few years and have been touched by their overall kindness and generosity towards me. 

This picture gives you a glimpse into my world and the artists below are game changers: Essie Weingarten, Bernadette Thompson , Gina Brooke, Danilo, Drew Barrymore and Samantha and Michael whom own TEMPTU. Others I must acknowledge and thank are Sarah Lucero and her fabulous team at Stila, Brigitte Reiss Andersen, James Vincent, Matin Maulawizada, Tina Turnbow, Tim Quinn, Michelle Phan, Grace Gold, Eric Sakas, Troy Surratt, Linda Rodin and so many others for their constant support. 

To my very loyal readers- I adore you and it is because of your friendship that I continue to write! Bless you all. 

Cheers and make every day count!

XO Nicole Gordon Levine



  1. How sweet of you girl, you are a person with so much passion in what you do that it shows in many ways. You have helped me grow in many ways..you are truly a wonderful, caring and gorgeous friend! :)

  2. I appreciate YOU as well and I know you know that. I do hope I tell you enough. XO

  3. You are amazing! Beautiful inside and out, incredibly kind.. You deserve this and all other positive things that come to you in 2014 and beyond! I know Me and all the others who adore your work and talent will be on our seats anticipating what beauty fun you will bring us! xo

  4. Thank you so much-that means the world to me! Happy New Year! XOXO