Friday, December 20, 2013

Affordable Holiday Cheer with EDDIE FUNKHOUSER

When my friend first attended Eddie's launch party at Rite-Aid just a few weeks ago in  NYC I was amazed that such luxurious looking products (predominately made in Italy) were available at such affordable prices. Today, I received a lovely Holiday package including a Choromographic Eye Gloss ( $ 11.99) in Magic Hour, a Hyperreal Eye Color ( $ 8.49) in All Nighter and an Ultra Intensity Cheek Color ( $ 8.99) in A Little Toasted.

The Chromatic Eye Glosses are available in three shades and were created to give your eyes an instant lift with a uniquely luxurious and sensual finish. From sultry dewiness to high impact sheen, the eye gloss will not bleed nor travel and can also been worn alone or layered over Eddie's Hyperreal Pure Pigment shadows.

Speaking of the Hyperreal Eye Colors, there are twelve shades available from the lightest of pinks to the darkest of blacks. These are all made from premium micromilled pigments and are vibrant colors with an ultra smooth blendability factor. The versatile range comes in multiple finishes- matte, pearl and shimmer that create eye catching textures and gradients that can be blended in layers or worn alone. They truly are single shade high intensity pigmented colors.

The Ultra Intensity Cheek Color is available in four shades and are highly blendable that leave your cheeks with a radiant flush. Eddie's Insider Tip asks that you apply a light application of powder to the cheeks before applying the cheek color. This prevents color from clinging to one spot and allows for a more even distribution of color.

Available at select Rita Aid stores as well as going online to

I love affordable make up products that have intense pigment, extended wear, budge proof and make blending a breeze, don't you?!



  1. These look gorgeous, I love affordable beauty products as long as they have a great quality to them! I swear my drugstores are just not up to part with carrying the latest trends at all, sad!

  2. Your reviews are great - you give so much helpful information. The blue eye shadow is beautiful, but I really want to try the blush! I just found this blog - but I already can't wait to buy Eddie Funkhouser!