Thursday, December 19, 2013

These products changed my skin!

If you are new to knowing me, I have used Olio Lusso for years along with products from Sunday Riley and Dr. Colbert. I have tested so many products over the years that I noticed I was having breakouts as of late. I remember the day I posted on Twitter ( @nicoleglevine) showing a picture of me pointing to my newly, unwanted, blemishes to which a friend of mine told me about my new BFF miracle products from Rodan + Fields, UNBLEMISH. I was a bit skeptical about using anything new on my sensitive skin but gave all 4 products a try for two months. My skin has never looked so good! I cannot believe the results! Thank goodness my friend reached out to me as nearly everyday someone asks me about my skin routine and daily regimen. I can then proudly talk about the line and still use my other faves as well. I really wished it was a 1 step regimen but understand that they all work together in order to give you the best results.


  1. Hi all: I'm Michelle Rothenberg, the friend mentioned, and just love you Nicole. Great makeup starts with great skin, right?! Watching what you put on that fresh, flawless face of yours is such fun. So happy to hear your results, and thank you for sharing your R+F story!

    These product also changed my skin which is why I became a consultant. Go to to find out more and try them for yourself. 60-day empty-bottle money-back guarantee!

    Do you have skin concerns? Do they hold you back? Always feel free contact me to talk about Blemishes, Wrinkles, Sun Damage and Dark Spots, Sensitive Skin . . .

    Rodan + Fields: Changing skin, changing lives.

  2. Thanks Michelle, once again, for giving me my confidence back! xxoo

  3. I see how great you're skin is and any skin care product or procedure you recommend is very welcomed! Love skin savvy friends! :)

  4. The Rodan + Fields line is amazing and I use it daily and I also love Sunday Riley, Dr. Colbert, Olio Lusso- yet if I had to pick one for you- I would ask that you tell me what needs to be addressed most- dry skin, oily patches, hyperpigmentation? Do tell! xo