Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish all of you lovelies a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! More to come in 2014 with brand new launches, new collaborations and a lot of new reads for you!

Get to know me better by reading this wonderful interview http://www.circleandsquaresf.com/blog/all-categories/lifestyle/2013/12/nicole-gordon/ and learn more about how I started this journey.

I am not afraid to admit that beauty is my addiction and I have a feeling a lot of others feel the same way I do. It's the adrenaline rush you get when a new beauty product is launched, it's your heart beating faster when that beauty box arrives at your door, it's that sense of excitement after you hear of your favorite beauty collaboration and know you must get your hands on it. That is why this site includes all of you. It's for us. It's OUR addiction.

Nicole Gordon Levine

Who else would wear peacock false lashes?! LOL!