Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Keratin Treatment at Hair Bar NYC

Yes, I embrace my curls and love them yet this treatment from Hair Bar NYC located on Kenmare Street in NYC was given to me as a gift. I liked the sound of the treatment yet was originally put off by the chemical buzz surrounding the process. I decided to take the plunge after hearing that my hair could stay straight for up to four months as long as I took care of it properly- meaning no sulfate shampoos nor conditioners and also a weekly hair mask was suggested by the owner. I also saw that the salon was nicely ventilated and there was no strong odor to make me turn around and hit the ground running in the other direction! offers a lot of services which I found to be more affordable than a lot of other places. I asked the owner about their other stores and found out that one was opening soon on the East Side as well as having their flagship location in Cedarhurst, LI.
Their salon specializes in Brazilian Keratin Treatments. This treatment is mainly used to tame unruly hair by smoothing flyaways and making hair easier to manage. They use mainly Inova Professional products from Italy, which over the years they found to be the best quality product. Their team has years of experience, making the process efficient and seamless, and the outcome long lasting. I sat in the chair for a little over two hours and was amazed at the results.  I was given a mirror to show me the back of my hair and could not believe how long and healthy my hair looked....and felt.
 Later, I found out that Hair Bar NYC offers 4 types of treatments. Our mildest option is Formaldehyde-free and is used to tame some frizz and smooth your hair. This one lasts anywhere from a few weeks up to a few months depending on your hair. The next step up is the 0.02% Formaldehyde. It is slightly stronger than the mildest, so it lasts longer. We also have a 2% and a 4% option. These both last up to 6 months.



They also have Magic Sleek which offers up a new relaxing treatment very similar to Brazilian Keratin treatments. It tames frizz and conditions your hair using conditioners and proteins from the Amazon Forest. This treatment is as strong as the strongest Brazilian so it last up to 6 months, but its also formaldehyde free.
I love the fact that after I shower, all I have to do is brush my hair! It seems to dry at least 30% faster and when I want it to look extra sleek, I use my flat iron and in five minutes I am done.  I cannot believe how many compliments I have received as it came as a nice change for the holidays. The staff was very friendly and offered suggestions of how to make it last as long as possible. No sulfate shampoos nor conditioners allowed. They have their own brand yet I opted for Everpure from L'Oreal Paris.
Each of the Keratin treatments condition the hair and makes hair much more smooth and manageable.
If straight hair is what you'd like for a short while, I highly recommend The Hair Bar NYC. My hair is healthy, sleek and shiny weeks later!
Have any of you beauties had great experiences with the Keratin treatment? Horrible? Do tell, please!

After One Week!


  1. It looks amazing I love it, Nicole!! My hair is so straight so I don't need a treatment as this what I need is something that could give me permenant waves! ��

  2. I love the way your hair looks! I was in need of change...if only for a few months. XO

  3. I freaking love your hair straight!! I mean it was pretty before but Wowza does it look amazing straightened!

  4. Thank you Penny! It has made my morning routine that much quicker, too! XO Happy New Year!