Saturday, December 28, 2013

Simple Feng Shui Tips for All

Let me tell you how much better I slept after having interviewed Lauren Weinstein. Lauren is a Feng Shui specialist here in NYC and after our interview she shifted the energy in my apartment through moving furniture and making sure I understood every item needs a home. We worked on only a quarter of what needs to be done yet what a difference it made?!

The key to Feng Shui ( Lauren studied Black Sect) is to truly make your space more inviting and light. Actual sunlight as well as lamps, spot lights, chandeliers all play a part in making your space more comfortable, as well as comforting.

We started from the basics which are bringing light into your home. Natural light by opening shades and curtains daily along with opening your windows to allow fresh air into your home are a MUST. Fresh air is key as it allows the stagnant energy (chi) to leave and allows for new energy (chi) to be introduced into your home. At night, depending on your personal privacy, both shades and curtains can be closed yet Lauren stressed they must be opened during the day. 

The energy must flow properly in order for you to feel comfortable in your own space. We talked about how clutter contains stagnant energy and once moved- the energy will shift. Lauren suggested having three bins ready before de- cluttering. One is to donate, another  to find a home ( within your space as every item needs a space where it belongs ) and the third is for throwing away entirely. De-cluttering is an integral part of Feng Shui as we create blockages in energy by having clutter. I learned if something I own that I have not used nor worn within a certain time period - needs to be placed within the three bins. Does not matter if it's a jacket, vase, paperwork from years gone by- it requires shifting. No more clothing sitting in my closet for years nor papers being in a closed desk file because I didn't feel like looking at them- it must shift.

Lauren advised to not mistake decluttering with leaving nothing in your space-your items just need to be orderly and displayed in an appealing manner. 

Lauren places what is known as a Bagua at the front of your home and begins her thoughts and ideas from there. From the Bagua one sees where the layout of your space needs to be shifted. Once again, the key is that every item needs a home with other like items. I used to keep nail polish, yes, in my kitchen cabinets for quick touch ups yet had cereal boxes out in the open. My nail polish belonged with my beauty products and my cereal needed to be placed in the kitchen cabinets! Easier said than done yet once moved- I know where all of my items are. They are in their own spaces now and that is their home.

If you really have negative feelings about anything you own- into one of the bins they go. I recently donated a lamp as it brought back terrible memories as I was emotionally connected to it. Every time I looked at it, I thought of the person who gave it to me. It needed to go. 

If you feel uncomfortable about your clutter, space, or just feel uncomfortable in your space in general- think about shifting the energy. Lauren notes that any time you actually move something like a piece of furniture- make sure you completely clean what's behind it. Don't just slide it- move it and keep your windows open, especially if you have allergies and be sure to let the fresh air in. Lauren suggests a face mask and gloves for those who may be extremely sensitive to dust. 

There is so much to learn and Lauren has made an incredible difference in my home. I grew up in an English Tudor with antiques everywhere you turned. Now I crave minimalism yet with two children I just needed to find the proper balance and address my emotional, as well as physical, clutter. Once the energy shifts- you feel it immediately. I used to have such negative feelings about my space yet with Lauren's help, I love it. I still have more to go yet each step makes such a difference and improvement. As I pull up my shades this morning and open my curtains...I believe you too can love the space you are in.

Lauren has changed my life for the better and I know she can change yours if you are in need of a Feng Shui specialist.  

Lauren Weinstein is based out of NYC and charges an initial consultation fee of $ 250. After the initial consultation, Lauren is then paid by the hour. 

My drawer top before & after Lauren shifted and cleaned items ( my Beta loves it, too).

Night shot of Lauren's shifting of my bedroom. She made sure to bang out the stagnant energy in my pillows, sheets, duvet cover and gave me some more tips on how to make my bedroom feel more appealing. Note that My windows were open through the entire process. It was suggested that I get a much larger picture above my bed as well as adding a top sheet to my bed.

Day time shot after I did it myself this morning. Still learning and still a work in progress yet I love the warmth and look.

Cheers to 2014! XO


  1. Great blog! Thanks for recommending Lauren Weinstein. I will definitely reach out! She sounds fantastic!

  2. Thank you ever so much. Lauren is wonderful at what she does. I know that you will adore her as her work will allow you to feel better, and more comfortable, within your own space. Happy Holidays!

  3. This article has empowered me to take over the reigns with my own clutter issues. Your enthusiasm lifted my spirit ,and gave me the power in thinking ,that if you could do it, I could ,at least try my own hand at it With the chi flowing in the right direction, life can then flow as well, bringing healing in its' wake.

  4. Clutter is all around me in my home and I feel that stuffiness you speak off! I need to start doing this room by room my house is dark because I like it that way but I see the point of having natural and artificial light go through out the house, I'm going to try and shift that energy in my home!! Thank you so much Nicole

  5. My pleasure! You will see by taking baby steps- you will shift the energy. It is AMAZING what happens from just opening the shades and curtains! Like you said, natural light is so important and so is getting fresh air into your space. Great Luck and take your time and try to do a little each day. You will feel the shift!