Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eco Conscience Jewelry: Alkemie

Alkemie Jewelry Transforms Reclaimed Metal into Wearable Art and there are so many pieces to love. I already fell for the Ram Ring, the Octopus Cuff and the Manta Ray Ring.

Celebrate earth month with a bold statement. Alkemie Jewelry’s striking designs embody the beauty and power of the natural world and are made without harming the planet. Each piece is forged from 100% reclaimed metals that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. True to their name, Alkemie transforms the common into precious.

These signature Alkemie pieces connect the wearer to the earth while helping protect its resources for future generations. All designs are offered for both men and women.

The Sage Cuff – Inspired by the sage that grows in abundance in the coastal mountains of southern California where husband-and-wife jeweler team Dara Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub live. Dara and Ashley burn dried sage daily in their Topanga home and named their first-born daughter in honor of this cleansing plant. Available in reclaimed sterling silver and reclaimed bronze. $209

The Moon Ring – The moon is a powerful reminder of our connection to the earth, especially for women. The phases of the moon connect to the cycles of the tides, the seasons and our bodies. Available in reclaimed sterling silver and reclaimed bronze. $176

The Starfish Cuff – On a visit to the beach, Dara and Ashley’s eldest daughter discovered a starfish and was instantly captivated. They left that starfish in its natural home but immediately set to work crafting a piece that would capture the exquisite beauty of this creature. Available in reclaimed sterling silver and reclaimed bronze. $209

A portion of every sale at Alkemie Jewelry goes to support the Seva Foundation in their efforts to bring eye care to communities in need. (www.seva.org)

About Alkemie
Alkemie Jewelry is a husband and wife team - Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson. Their love for one another, their two daughters and Mother Earth inspires them to create a line of jewelry bringing beauty into the world without harming the planet. Every piece is handmade in Los Angeles and forged from 100% reclaimed metal. Alkemie’s iconic designs have been featured in Vogue (American, Spanish and Italian), French Elle, WWD, The New York Times Magazine, People, and Marie Claire. Their pieces have been worn by celebrities and rockers and have appeared in television and major feature films.

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