Monday, April 13, 2015

Bond No. 9 Celebrates Earth Day and Supports Urgent Environmental Issues

Bond No. 9 New York Announces Recycling Initiative: First Beauty Company to Embark on Glass Recycling Effort Initiative to Support Urgent Environmental Issue in New York and Around the World!

Luxury niche perfumer Laurice Rahme will open her Bond No. 9 New York boutiques and Saks Fifth Avenue doors to anyone wishing to recycle their empty perfume bottles. Well known by fragrance connoisseurs for her exquisitely crafted collection of artisanal neighborhood scents, Rahme will put her efforts towards recycling the glass that houses them -- as well as any of her competitors’. Recycling is just one way this quintessential New Yorker can give back to the city she loves and make a difference in the fight to save the planet.

Just bring your empty perfume bottles from April 16th - April 29th to Bond No. 9 or Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide – Bond’s or anyone else’s. Bond No. 9 will take care of the rest. And by way of an eco-friendly thank-you, Bond No. 9 will give you a refillable pocket spray Free with any purchase.

As I become more aware of the issues facing our environment, I feel compelled on a personal and business level to participate in the green movement – and assume a leadership role" said Laurice Rahme, creator and CEO, Bond No. 9 New York.

Rahme possesses a collection of vintage furniture finds and perfume bottles, serves organic tea in the flagship boutique’s tea salon, says no to plastic bags, lights her home using compact florescent bulbs and is now recycling empty perfume bottles. She walks the walk. And since it’s the new black, being green is easy for this New Yorker.

To find out more about Bond No. 9 and their collection of fragrances, please go to Bond No. 9

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