Monday, April 20, 2015

New Fragrances: Issey Miyake 2015 Summer Fragrances

The Issey Miyake 2015 Summer Fragrances are simply divine! Reinvented for summer, Issey Miyake has entrusted artist Yulia Brodskaya to design the new limited editions for summer 2015.  

Composed by Alberto Morillas, the Summer fragrances are refreshing and sweet. It's a fruity floral with tangy notes of pink grapefruit and lychee. Middle notes are passion fruit and guava. To enrich these flavors with a feminine touch, subtle aquatic floral notes soften the overall fragrance before blending with the roundness of both the woods and vanilla infusion.

The 3.3 oz L' Eau d' Issey Summer Eau de Toilette will be available May 1, 2015 at fine retail stores nationwide for $76. 

There is also a L' Eau d' Issey pour Homme Summer 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette for $68 which will launch on May 1, 2015. 

The masculine version evokes the bursting freshness of kiwi along with spicy and fruity notes. Coriander and grapefruit with a slight bitterness set the tone, right from the start. Then come pineapple and nutmeg in the middle accord. As wll as these spices and fruits, Alberto Morillas has added wood. Then the trail becomes both sensual and vibrant thanks to a duo of vetiver and cypress. 

The 2015 Summer Fragrances are romantic and refreshing. Lose yourself in the magic of summer...

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