Sunday, April 5, 2015

Smashbox + Donald = Brilliant Collection!

Being that I had already reviewed this incredibly visual collaboration/collection between Smashbox Cosmetics + Donald (@drawbertson), I shall share the fun that was had by all who attended the live painting and meet and greet event at the Sephora MPD location just yesterday. 

Donald has the Midas touch as everything he touches, he then paints, then produces wildly creative pieces of art. I know he is doing the Bergdorf Goodmam windows next month as his IG feed is chock full of glorious images. Donald collaborated during Art Basel this past year with Smashbox and the interactive drive (#bingtobasel) was a hit. 

This new Spring collection is fabulous as I wanted every item partially because they are wrapped in Donald's work. The other part of me has been a fan of Smashbox for many, many years and I love that they take risks whether it's launching new long lasting formulas, having incredibly hot ad campaigns or collaborating with beloved artists. 

I needed a short tutorial on how to best use their new Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner that lasts up to 36 hours and once I got the hang of it- I wanted every color. It TRULY lasts! Does not budge, flake, smudge, nothing. It stays put and some of the colors are vibrant and then there are Cocoa and Jet Black for a more traditional eye liner color.

What a kind soul Donald is and I think this collaboration is right on par with a visionary trend as Donald is the king of Instagram. Yes, he has earned it-just look at his feed. Incredibly talented man- with 5 children- and humble, too. Bravo, Smashbox, on another wonderful collection! 

The man in action! 

Donald's customized work on my bag from Sephora. 

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