Sunday, August 10, 2014


Immunocologie's formulas are all based on the science of the skin's immune system. I found that to be both interesting and rare as their products are formulated with raw ingredients opposed to some others that radiate their minerals, add ingredients that take away from certain potency's of other particular ingredient and this line seems to be different. Launching just a few nights ago was Super & Elixir Face ($300) which is a breakthrough anti-aging formula that harnesses the potent regenerative powers of mucin, the secretion of snails. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Snails never seem to have skin infections despite crawling over rough and dirty surfaces all day. In fact, a snail can glide across the blade of a knife without getting a single cut!

" As leaders in developing clinically proven formulas that support the skin's optimal immune functions to create healthier, smoother, firmer and more radiant skin, we're constantly looking all over the world for the strongest anti-aging bio-available ingredients. Once we saw the incredible effects of snail treatments in Asian spas, where estheticians place live snails on a client's face, we wanted to be the first to harness active snail secretion into a modern, effective, scientifically-backed skincare regimen," says Karen Ballou of Lucas Brand Equity, the new owners of Immunocologie.

To ensure maximum results, the Super 7 Elixir Face contains mucin from the Helix Aspersa snail which is native to the French shores of Brittany and produces the most powerful and nutrient-rich secretions because it thrives in the positively charged seaside environment. 

Super & Elixir Face Key Ingredients:

Snail Mucin (mentioned above).
Allantoin: a natural chemical compound with soothing, anti-irritant and healing properties.
Collagen and Elastin: structural proteins that support skin elasticity and firmness and repair fine lines and wrinkles.
Glycolic Acid: a natural alpha hydroxl acid that helps regulate cell turnover and removes dead skin cells.
Vitamins A and C: antioxidants that repair and prevent oxidative damage, promotes hydration and also brightens the skin.
Antibiotic Peptides: destroys microorganisms before they penetrate microscopic cuts and pores, preventing inflammation and infection.
Positive Ions: counter-balance skin damaging effects of negative ions and bring balance to your skin.

I do recall that the formulas were used at their highest potency to restore balance to the skin and for that reason alone, I would let live snails crawl over me! I have already seen a difference in my skin's overall even tone. Two compliments later....and I am hooked...

Available at fine select retailers and IMMUNOCOLOGIE

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