Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Effortless Extensions: No Glue, Clips or Threads Needed

This may be exactly what you have been waiting/looking for...Effortless Extensions, which has been featured on TODAY and The Rachel Ray Show, is easy to style and offers a lot of variety in both color and length. These are the ONLY hair extensions that don't require clips, glue or threads. It's an innovative hair extension adhered to one clear, monofilament that sits comfortably at the crown. 

Effortless Extensions have redefined the typical hair extension with seven styles (four ethnic and three Caucasian), creating a more comfortable style for ANY and EVERY hair type - as their new contour design shapes perfectly to any head size and shape. 


** No harmful glues and no too-tight braiding for weaves that cause stress on the hair follicle.
** Allows you to wash, dry and curl hair – as you would with your natural hair


Most importantly, Effortless Extensions will help you achieve many fashionable and trendy looks for Fall.

For more information, please visit Effortless Extensions

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  1. Interesting product! I have been looking into hair extensions more now that my hair seems to be falling out more making it look so flat. Going to check it out, thanks love!