Thursday, May 22, 2014

DuJour Media has a Maleficent Moment with Angelina Jolie

DuJour Media Speaks with Angelina Jolie about both her latest role in Maleficent and her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics:

Products clockwise from top: Maleficent #36 Lashes, Maleficent Eye Brows in Fling, Maleficent Nail Lacquer in Nocturnelle, Maleficent Eye Shadow x 4 and Maleficent Lipstick in True Love’s Kiss.

On Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent look:

“Maleficent is so magical and scary, yet she has a beauty about her,” says makeup artist, Toni G. ”Besides her prosthetics, her eyes were the perfect way to bring her to life. I was very inspired by the beautiful green, blue and yellow shades of the Labradrite stone.”

On collaborating with MAC Cosmetics:

“The eye shadow palette is perfect for transitioning your makeup from day to night. For daytime, use the lighter shades to create a soft, natural look. Then amplify it for evening using the darker hues.”

On bringing the character to life:

“We chose to rethink the look rather than redesign it, and because the title role was played by Angie, I thought the look of the character should reflect her own overall style.”

I know I cannot wait until May 30th to see this movie! Are you as excited as I am?! 

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