Friday, May 9, 2014

La Prairie: Luxurious Creams with Benefits

I remember working at Allure Magazine in the Production Department sizing the ads for what was then Georgette Mosbacher's company, La Prairie. It was before she sold it and I remember wondering if I would ever have the opportunity to wear such luxurious goods. It has now come to pass that I am reviewing this unbelievably, richly formulated and ultra-luxurious line...

For La Prairie, it all began with a quest for timeless beauty, the primary mission of the clinique la prairie in Montreux, Switzerland and the inspiration for our revolutionary skincare formulas. A pioneer in cellular anti-aging therapies, la prairie has always harnessed ingredients both rare and beneficial. Currently, with cutting edge biotechnology and our patented cellular complex, the formulations have become the most luxurious on earth.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream ($300) – A nourishing daily moisturizer with extreme benefits, helping the skin adapt to a world of extremes: stress, environment and aging. The modern formulation – an oil-in-water gel-cream – feels rich but immediately penetrates and turns skin to silk as it revitalizes the complexion and works to fortify your skin’s resilience to life’s increasing aging assaults. Formulated with the best that science and nature have to offer, Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream features the youth-preserving Swiss Ice Crystal Complex which fortifies your skin’s resistance and adaptability to a world of daily skin aging extremes. In addition, it contains the anti-aging powers of Tissue Guidance Matrix and two plant cell extracts based on stem cell technology to assist with skin renewal, Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize and photo-reflecting agents to help skin glisten.

 Skin Caviar Luxe Cream (La Prairie also has a 30 ml size currently available, $275) – Long-revered by La Prairie customers worldwide since its launch in 1999, Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is a lavish cream, richly textured with a combination of Sea Proteins, Phytotherapy and Bioengineering technologies along with La Prairie's exclusive Cellular Complex to effectively firm and revitalize tired, lackluster skin. This dramatic firming treatment provides skin with vital nutrients, including a Caviar Firming Complex to hydrate, nourish and pamper skin. 

Read more about their past, present and future at and see why this brand is still standing- and with such a divine presence I must add, too....


  1. This is a very luxurious and pricey product, one day I to will be able to try these products. Great review thanks

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