Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Maybelline: Limited Edition Bleached Neons Shades by Color Show

Neons are everywhere we look! I just reviewed the wonderful Electric palette with it's colorful pigments from Urban Decay and everywhere I look- I see bright, vibrant colors being shown for Spring/Summer. It appears that everyone’s favorite Summer nail trend just got BLEACHED. 

While neon shades are great for the warmer months, try easing into them with the new Limited Edition Bleached Neons Shades by Color Show.  May is a month of transitional beauty routines.The moisturizer gets lighter and so do nails. With five gorgeously muted neon shades, this limited edition collection will have nails ready for summer, without over-doing it.

The Limited Edition Bleached Neons Collection is available in the following shades: Day Glow Teal, Ultra Violet, Lime Accent, Citrus Collide, Bleached in Peach, Pink Punch and Coral Heat.

The picture above was taken at my local Rite Aid drugstore, today!

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  1. I loved neon colors way back when just can't believe how long ago that was! Lol