Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Springtime Scent from Bond No. 9: Hudson Yards

Just being in a Bond No. 9 store gets me super excited as I feel as if I am in a museum of art. All of the wonderfully creative colors and designs of the bottles help keep the artist in me alive and I find their scents intoxicating.

Some of the most iconic streets and neighborhoods are named in their eau de parfum scents and now added is Hudson Yards, an area that is in the process of being built as I write! It is the area bordering on Chelsea (my hood) and Hell's Kitchen and close enough to the Hudson River to catch a whiff of waterway. Under construction as we speak, Hudson Yards is being transformed from a parking lot into an honest to goodness future world. There will be sleek, slim skyline-altering buildings, cultural venues, a self contained boulevard, a subway station and New York's semiannual Fashion Week may well decamp there, too! Did I mention a ferry terminal, too?!

The area will surely set the tone for the future of urban landscapes worldwide and when it came to the Eau de Parfum's bottle design- only one color would do- near-neon, iridescent chartreuse. It shimmers too as the glass surface is laser etched with the step and repeat pattern of the Bond No. 9 circular signature token. Around the neck rests a ripening cloth flower blossom in matching chartreuse.

Top notes are Wet Petals of Lily of the Valley, Sparkling Freesia and Pink Pepper Oil. Middle include Peony Buds, Rose Oil Bulgaria and Vibrant Lychee. Bottom notes are Orange Flower Absolute, Iris Absolute and White Ray of Musk.

Hudson Yards has arrived on counter and is $ 285 for 100 ml, $ 200 for 50 ml, $ 135 for Body Lotion, $ 115 for the Candle, $ 95 for Liquid Silk and $ 95 for the Pocket Spray.