Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ralph Lauren Fragrances : MIDNIGHT ROMANCE

Passionate desires you say?!

I am well aware there a huge Ralph Lauren fragrance fans as my children's former babysitter had been a collector for years. He spoke of each bottle as if it were a treasured jewel and I always appreciated his love of the line. He even showed me pictures once and they did in fact resemble treasures indeed!

With the enchantment of feminine mystery, Midnight Romance is the fragrance of passionate desires. A sensual embrace of pink peony and black vanilla, it creates a modern contradiction, much like today’s woman, and captures Ralph Lauren’s understanding of feminine sensitivity and beauty that is staged through his world of fashion.  A floriental fragrance, Midnight Romance combines an exhilarating mix of notes, including:

· TOP NOTES: raspberry, Italian bergamont,  juicy lychee

· MID NOTES: peony, jasmine sambac, freesia

· BASE NOTES: black vanilla, iris absolute, ambrox

Developed by a male and a female master perfumer, each note adds a facet of femininity and mystery to create chemistry and the thrilling anticipation of passion.

Price: $94 (100ml), Available at, Macy’s and other select retailers.