Friday, April 11, 2014

Alterna Haircare: New Spring Launches You'll Want

This is a mere teaser until I can go into more depth....but today I learned through a "strand test" that my hair was in pretty good shape still after my constant bleaching/coloring yet needed a boost of protection.  It was deemed "dancing" hair but it did not float to the top of the water glass as it would have had it been deemed "healthy." You can take the strand test and see what your hair is lacking by merely taking one strand out and placing in into a glass of water. Should it fall to the bottom, most likely it is in dear need of repair. Should it float to the top- keep doing what you are doing and be sure to add sun protection as hair absolutely ages. Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves ($ 20- available at , Ulta, , Nordstrom,, and fine salons nationwide.) would then come into play on a daily use/ It's Alterna's #1 Summer Styler and is super lightweight and is infused with complete color and UVA/UVB protection.

Alterna, believe it or not, started in 1977 and was the first hair care line to introduce anti-aging products for the hair! I have been addicted to their CC Line and now they have added 3 new Caviar treatments- Caviar Anti Aging Perfect Texture Finishing Spray ($28- now available on QVC and will be introduced worldwide in June at and high end boutiques) ,Caviar RepairX Split Ends Mend ($ 35- available at Sephora,,, and fine salons) and Caviar Anti Aging Omega + Nourishing Oil ($ 38- available at fine salons, Sephora and Perfect Texture brings you today's hottest style of looking perfectly "undone!" It builds body, shape and texture and seeing used it action left my mouth agape. Hair is given a strong blast of texture and shape. Caviar RepairX repairs 93.3% of split ends after just one use! Yes, I quoted that correctly! It mends and seals split ends, strengthens strands to prevent future breakage and also controls frizz. Caviar Anti Aging omega + nourishing ol adds shine and combats dry and brittle hair with a highly concentrated dose of Omega-3 and C22 Fatty Acids. I put this on daily as my hair feels brittle from the flat iron sometimes and I love the shine and scent. It leaves my hair looking silky and smooth.

Another product I am mad crazy about is their new Bamboo Volumizer 2-in-1 Volumizer ( $ 25 starting in May, this will be available at,,, , Ulta stores and high end boutiques and salons worldwide. What I learned about bamboo's strength was astounding and it makes sense that it would be a key ingredient to strengthen hair as well as keeping it moist, protected and healthy. Bamboo has a strengthening wonder about it and architects have been implementing it's use within the foundation of building and the like. This 2-in-1 volumizer can be used on both wet or dry hair to achieve buildable volume. It's lightweight and non-sticky in texture and is perfect for those with limp, lifeless, dull hair in need of volume and lift.

More to come, yet I felt the need to share.....follow @alternahaircare on Twitter and IG #HairTransformation for more fabulous photos...



  1. So many great products so little hair! Lol Great review

  2. These products were designed to protect, nourish and strengthen the hair-strand by strand! Did you take the strand test, sweet friend? xxoo

  3. Yes, boy does my poor hair need help! I need to really take better care of it! Thanks love