Friday, July 17, 2015

Designer Nails: Create Art at Your Fingertips by Ami Vega

You know nails are what got me into the beauty business, right? I feel as though I was among one of the first people to be absolutely obsessed and addicted to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Nails Strips when they first launched. I wore them to The Grammys back in 2011, then for nearly two years thereafter, and have witnessed the nail category simply expand and grow like crazy! I have many friends that are manicurists and I admire where the nail industry is going as I do believe it is getting more and more artistic.

I watched every episode of Oxygen's Nail'd It and met many, many wonderful manicurists along the way. Nail Art is a form of creativity and I am all about expressing oneself. Some people use their nails as canvases and I am often impressed by the wonderfully intricate nail art I see on the many Social Media platforms. I sway from color, strips, nail art, press ons, crystals, etc. and many people used to know me by my nails. 

Let's talk about Ami Vega...

As the creator of El Salonsito, the innovative nail art business and blog,, Ami is a fingernail expert behind runways, and now author of this gorgeous how-to book. Ami has worked with Revlon, Essie and Maybelline and also has a monthly showcase column in Scratch magazine in the U.K.

Her book has detailed step-by-step instructions, tips and gorgeous photos by Jason Setiawan. Looking at all of the different patterns is inspirational. I think I will try the Baby Leopard next or maybe the Pop Dots?! Available for $ 17.95, you will be able to buy this book as of August 4, 2015 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. 

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