Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Artis Brush: Luxurious Collection of Cosmetic Brushes

These brushes truly look like works of art to me so it is no wonder they have garnered celebrity attention.

Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale and Sofia Vergara cannot get enough of the revolutionary, innovative and gorgeously-designed Artis Elite Mirror Collection. Whether contoured makeup or smoky eyes are what you desire, Artis has you covered for all of your makeup needs.

Guess what? Word has it that select Artis offerings will be on QVC for the first time on Friday Night Beauty this Friday, July 24th, during the 11PM hour! 

***This just in in! The Artis Elite Mirror 3 Piece Set (shown directly below) will premiere for the first time on QVC on Friday night during the 11PM Friday Night Beauty hour! Now, you too, can check out the offerings and purchase them in advance NOW on in their sneak peek online launch of the line!*** 

This luxury line of game-changing brushes revolutionizes cosmetics application with its trademarked CosmeFibre® technology and an ergonomic handle for effective and exceptional application, not to mention the aesthetic design is one you might find at any high-end design store.

Created by one of the makeup industry’s innovators and a former MAC Cosmetics Senior Executive, Matthew Waitesmith focused on the challenges of makeup “self-application” and delivering superior cosmetic performance, while taking inspiration from how he would draw a human face.

Artis Elite Mirror Collection ($15-$350) is available at and

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