Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get the Look: Orlando Pita for PHYTO at Derek Lam AW '15

Orlando Pita, one of the "greats" in my book, created the look for Derek Lams AW '15. I have been a long time admirer of his and am of the age where I can look back and remember him transforming Madonna's looks by her locks! That dark hair of hers and the cornrows were his genius (among so many other of her looks- think Ray of Light) as she was and still is, an ever changing performer and entertainer that captivates her audience with all that is in her. When I worked at Allure, I remember seeing his name on credits of absolutely stunning and boldly creative pictures and have watched his work ever since.

Below are how to “Get the Look” tips from Orlando Pita for PHYTO himself. Pictures are courtesy of Erin Baiano for PHYTO Hair Care.


Classic American New York woman. Sportswear with a New York edge. Super contemporary.


The look is a clean, graphic ponytail with a sharp center part.


· Blow dry hair with PHYTO Phytovolume Actif or PHYTO Intense Volume Mousse, depending upon the hair type.

· Pull back hair into a pony tail at the nape of the neck.

· Once the hair is pulled back, secure it with custom-made leather holders.

· Finish the look by spraying with PHYTO Phytolaque Soie Hairspray.

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