Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Hair: Get The Look

She's come undone? No, not really. Just a little more casual than uptight! The look is "perfectly imperfect" as some might say...

We know that sometimes love can get a little messy. This Valentine’s Day, keep your love life on track and your hair a little undone. Combining a romantic and casual feel, the Undone Knot beautifully frames features, while drawing eyes to your face. Get this perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle with a step by step from celebrity hairstylist José Eber.

STEP 1: Create a side part with your fingers. 

STEP 2: Curl your entire head loosely. Pick whichever size iron works best for your length of hair.

STEP 3: Tease the crown, starting from the back 1/3 of your head. Then smooth the top layer.

STEP 4: At the nape of your neck, off to the side, pin medium sections to create a loose, imperfect knot. 

STEP 5: Arrange loose pieces in the front around your face.

STEP 6: Spray all over with hairspray to hold style. 

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