Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thank you L'Oreal Paris for saving my hair!

Ok, so a friend in need calls while I have my root touch up hair dye on my hair. I have the timer set to the suggested time for my uber stubborn gray roots and I hear it go off. Only challenge was that my friend was somewhat worked up and truly needed my attention. I let FORTY FIVE minutes pass until I said that I must get off the phone as I was certain my hair would be super platinum! Well, not only were the roots super platinum but my hair felt fried! I actually have semi bangs on one side now as the hair was so damaged.

That is when I reached out to the lovelies over at L'Oreal Paris to help restore, replenish, protect and nourish my keratin straightened ( almost 3 months) hair. The New Smooth Intense Oleo- Keratin line is incredible ($ 4.99 -7.49 for Shampoo and $ 4.99 - 7.49 for Conditioner)  I also found great use for the New Color Vibrancy Root to Tip Fixer
($ 6.99) as it helps to keep my color locked in and vibrant. Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray ($ 4.99) has Fibralock Tech to boost style strand by strand so I am using this daily as well.

It has been a few days now and yes, my hair is definitely showing signs of improvement. I plan on also using the New Oleo Therapy Hair Expertise Deep Recovery Mask ($ 8.99) this weekend for even more TLC. 

L'Oreal Paris- I cannot thank you enough for not only helping me with my hair dilemma but also being available to your consumers. It is very much appreciated. 

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  1. You are such a great friend, I'm glad not to know you personally which would be awesome but to know you on social media! L'Oreal has awesome products from makeup to hair they sure have something for everyone! I need these products as I have also went a bit lighter on my hair color and that bleach did dry it up noticeably and so I need great products that actually work! This was an awesome review, thanks!!