Thursday, March 6, 2014

MAKE: WE SEE BEAUTY and you can see it, too!

Isssue MAKE x Erik Madigan Heck, Velvet Noise - Cover
Isssue MAKE x Erik Madigan Heck, Velvet Noise - Cover

My how I love MAKE cosmetics?! Since they launched, I fell in love with their look and color pigments. I used their Post- Impression Silk Lipstick Hudson Red, Lip Primer, Post-Impression Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Storm and Post-Impression Powderliner Eye Pencil in Twilight.




From their site regarding the Post-Impressionist Collection: Inspired by the abstraction of both the Impressionist movement and the Colour Field paintings of the 1950s and 60s, NY-based photographer Erik Madigan Heck launches the “Post-Impression” colour collection with makeup artist Sam Addington for MAKE NYC.  In a painterly study of colour evoking the vibrant, abstract landscapes of the Hudson River Valley, the lush depth of nature is echoed in this chromatic seasonal palette of saturated warm red hues (silk cream Scarlet Oak for lips), intense blues (matte eyeshadows in Midnight, Storm and Thunder) and vivacious greens (matte eyeshadows in Poison Oak and Hudson Green) offset by lustrous yellow (satin eyeshadow in Acid) and purple (silk cream in Velvet Noise for lips). The Post-Impression collection depicts a more abstracted, contemporary sense of beauty.

The Post-Impression Collection above includes Midnight, Storm, Poison Oak, Hudson Green on Left and Acid, Scarlet Oak, Thunder
 and Velvet Noise. This palette includes lipstick and both matte and satin finish eyeshadows.
Please go to and see the gorgeousness that is MAKE. 

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