Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Vincent Longo "Timeless" Look

Hello to all of my fellow B.I.O.A. readers.....it's GIVEAWAY time again!
For this giveaway, you will need to register at the site mentioned below and once done, a name will then be randomly selected as a winner on 3/28/14. In addition to entering into the giveaway, you will also be given an exclusive B.I.O.A. discount code to use.

The "Timeless" Look includes the following three products:
Thinstick Lipstick London ($ 27.00- Luxurious Cream Lipstick in the Red family).

Trio Eye Shadow Timeless ($ 30.00 - Warm Beige, Deep Brown and Noir).

Dew Drop Blush Misty Blossom or Sandalwood ( $ 30.00- Semi-Matte and Demi-Pearl Powder Blush)..
You know I love the classic looks and this one is truly TIMELESS!

 Good Luck and Happy Shopping!
*Please note the colors below are NOT the colors you can win as your "Timeless" look colors are noted above. These products denote the look of the products and your giveaway will come to you in the colors noted above.

Click on this link and sign up for a chance to win: Vincent Longo Sign Up Page



  1. The collection sounds amazing! The colors on here shown are gorgeous, want them all! Great giveaway! Thanks Nicole

  2. This collection sounds amazing! Uber focused on just makeup right now because can't do anything with my hair prego this is a collection I must keep my eye on!

  3. Congrats Melissa! Thank you both, as always, for your feedback. XO