Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SEPHORA: DIVERGENT COSMETICS Exclusive and Limited Edition Collection

In the future, where society
is divided into personality types,
one young woman discovers that she
transcends classification.
She is different, also known
as “Divergent.” But she soon
learns that what makes you different
also makes you dangerous.

How very exciting to see this on Sephora today as I am waiting to see the movie and love a great collaboration such as this.

These three Exclusive and Limited Edition pieces offer a lot to like with shadows, nail lacquers and a compact that encompasses your entire daily routine within one palette!

 What makes you different makes you dangerous? So be it!

Divergent Cosmetics Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit
$ 59.50

Divergent Cosmetics Divergent 7 Piece Nail Art Kit
$ 27.50
Divergent Cosmetics Divergent Multi-Piece
Collector's Palette
$ 32.50


  1. Great makeup collection and I love the colors, definitely would get! I know I might have to much make.. Wait no I don't! Lol

  2. You can never have too much, right?! LOL! xo

  3. Where would you get that? I looked on Sephora's website but I couldn't find anything like that!

  4. Hello! It was released at the time of the movie and that is why you most likely did not see it on their site. Once sold out, they do not bring it back into stock as it was created to be a collaboration with the movie's release. Thank you!