Thursday, January 9, 2014

New ChapStick Hydration Lock- keeps lips hydrated for 8 full hours!

Knowing that the lips need more help to stay smooth than the rest of the body, ChapStick launched ChapStick Hydration Lock and is clinically proven to moisturize lips and also revitalize and visibly improve their appearance.

The benefits of the new Vanilla Crème flavored product blew me away! Not only has it been clinically proven to moisturize lips but it also keeps lips hydrated for 8 hours! ChapStick Hydration Lock draws in the moisture from the outside and then locks in your lips natural hydration. It's lightweight, silky feel has a smooth application and is available at stores nationwide now ($ 2.49 - $ 2.99) . 

Keep your pout nourished and hydrated with this wonderfully new product from ChapStick!

Note that you can use it as a primer before applying your lipstick! 

Spokesperson Alex Morgan with my son. She is an inspiration to all. Olympic Gold Medalist and has a book, a soccer camp and a huge heart. Wears Chapstick for all things- skiing, soccer and uses it in her daily beauty routine. It's a must! 


  1. Love any kind of lip treatment I keep chap sticks all over my house. My lips are dry so I love trying different brands and the ones that have a good taste are my favorite! ;)