Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello Products Joins Newcastle Brown Ale's #BandofBrands Big Game Spot

I love sharing stories of smaller brands getting their spotlight. I have been a fan of hello for quite some time and this commercial is hilarious as it allows for the smaller brands to be seen and watched by millions this upcoming weekend!

Every year, the world’s biggest brands blow their enormous marketing budgets on a few seconds of potential advertising glory in a sporting event so big, it can’t be named by brands without being served a subpoena. But what about the little guys like a startup oral care brand? Well now they can, thanks to Newcastle Brown Ale’s #BandofBrands big game spot.

That’s right, the sporting event too big to be mentioned by name is almost here, and Newcastle Brown Ale has released the first ever crowdsourced Big Game ad, featuring 37 brands joining forces to get in on the action, share the glory, and save some money. The 60 second spot with 37 ‘little guys’ airs this Sunday and includes the effective, gorgeous, delicious and seriously friendly oral care brand, hello.

The perfect ad for viewers that want to breeze through commercials and get back to some football, the “Newcastle presents Band Of Brands: 37 Brands, One big game Ad #BandofBrands” jam-packs life’s product needs into one sound-bite. Because let’s be honest, advertising is really about giving people what they want, and what people really want is to watch a big game and the puppies at halftime.

The little guy in oral care, hello products, was launched in April 2013 and currently employs 11 friendly, fun-loving employees who show up to work every day with a smile on their face. With the friendly goal of introducing flavor, fun and color, hello offers a unique line-up of alcohol-free mouthwashes, ADA accepted toothpastes, and fresh-on-the-go breathsprays, in awesome flavors like Pink Grapefruit Mint and Mojito Mint. All hello products are free of triclosan, alcohol, dyes, and artificial sweeteners. Plus, they’re never tested on animals and Made in the USA. What’s friendlier than that?

Hello’s founder and CEO Craig Dubitsky stated “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be blowing a portion of our marketing budget on the #BandofBrands spot with our friends at Newcastle Brown Ale. Beer and fresh breath are two things this world shouldn’t have to live without during the big game. Remember to drink responsibly, and to choose friendly”.

 Watch the ad HERE.

Want to learn more about hello? Visit us at hello products or join our friendly conversation socially, @helloproducts.

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