Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dr. Colbert: A Skin Care Line that WORKS!

"With the right products, the skin's ability to heal itself is amazing."- Dr. David Colbert

I have so many friends that swear by this man! They go to him for their skin needs and look up to him as a nutritional skincare guru of sorts. My friend, Linda Rodin, Founder and Creator of Olio Lusso first debuted her collection there years ago and I remember thinking, "Why haven't I tried his products?" 

 David Colbert, MD, founder of New York Dermataology Group in Manhattan, introduces his debut skincare line: Colbert MD. This line is said to be extraordinary as it features three core daily products that are needed for youthful, healthy, radiant skin. I know he is one of the most sought after Dermatologists and is also an accomplished author. My closest friends go to him for fillers and he always has a natural touch. They never look like anything was "done," only they look as if they are better rested.

It was my pleasure to review and use the Intensify Facial Discs ($ 58), the Stimulate The Serum ($ 140-sampled) , Balance Purifying Cleanser ( $ 48) and one of the most touted about oils, known as Illumino Face  Oil ( $ 125). The signature products intended for daily use are Stimulate The Serum as it replicated the chemical peel and laser toning of the Triad Facial, Nutrify & Protect day as it protects against environmental damage and Heal & Soothe Night which reduces inflammation. The Intensify Facial Discs (sampled)   are to be used in conjunction with this Triad facial 2-3 times a week. To me, these discs are amazing as they act as an exfoliant that mimics the microdermabrasion effect. I did not get irritated, not did it burn in any way as the ingredients are less harsh than the glycolic pads I had tried in the past where my skin rubbed off after using them for a while. Products that are too strong are not good for such sensitive skin such as my own.

Stimulate The Serum felt cool when applied onto my cleansed skin after using the Intensify Facial Discs. It is said to instantly boost collagen reproduction by working deep within the skin to restore it's vibrancy and youthful radiance. The Serum is patented with QuSome (TM) Technology to facilitate the regeneration of healthy, supple skin. You can apply it once a day, morning or night and I thought I saw immediate evenness in my skin's coloration upon application. These products will need to be revisited over time as one cannot make decisions after using products for only a week or two. I don't think I actually see real results for up to two months, so kindly give me time to tell you more of these products in the upcoming months.

The Intensify Facial Discs are like having micro-dermabrasion in a pad!  They are a pre-moistened exfoliant and they enhance the effectiveness of Colbert MD's daily products so they act as a boost to their counterparts. These you apply to a clean, damp face and in a gentle circular motion you move around your face for anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. You then rinse immediately with warm water and follow with Stimulate The Serum. Use these morning or night, and you must rinse thoroughly with water and avoid your eye area. Never use these on damage or irritated skin. For my sensitive skin, they work!

Balance Purifying Cleanser has anti-ageing benefits and gently removes oil and surface impurities leaving the skin soft, smooth, clean and ready for the Colbert MD regimen. There is Ginko Biloba, Lasctic Acid, Allanton and Bisabolol as key ingredients all working together to exfoliate, purify, condition and act as an anti-irritant for the skin.  This, too, can be applied in a circular motion to a damp face. Rinse well with warm water and pat, don't scrub, dry.

Finally, the ever so popular among celebrities and skin care lover alike, the Ilumino Face Oil. It's intended to instantly sooth and improve skin's overall tone, texture and glow. I can tell you that Retinol and Vitamin C Esters work at the topical level to sooth the skin while the patented QuSome (TM) technology delivers the oil deep into the dermis for optimal results. This is known as the oils of oils and can be massaged into cleansed damp skin for best results. Key ingredients include Yangu Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Passion Fruit Oil and Argan Oil to improve skin's elasticity, aids in cell repair and improves skin's overall tone and texture. People that know me well, know I have been using Olio Lusso for years yet I do agree that this oil is wonderfully lightweight, evens out my skin tone and certainly gives it an overall glow.

With that being said, I can see why people flock to his offices and buy his brand. He also seems like a lovely and charming Doctor whom takes interest in all of his patients....or so I have heard?! Wink, wink- I won't reveal names, I promise! 

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The Dr. is IN! Love his line and have used it for months. Wonderful in every way...







  1. What an amazing line of products..I have to say that your review has intrigued my interest in one day purchasing these products. The facial oil sounds amazing especially now that I know that with age comes dry skin! Speaking out of experience of course, lol! Great review Nicole, thank you for sharing!!

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