Monday, February 10, 2014

Tibi Fall 2014: BTS with Aveda, Bobbi Brown and Jin Soon Choi

Hello lovelies! With so many shows going on, I wanted you to all visually get a feel what it's like to be behind the scenes so come with me...

Bobbi's team went for luminous skin, bold brows and a port colored lip stain. Aveda's team made a tight small center braid and Jin Soon Choi's team did an ethereal lightly dotted nail design due to the top coat.

This last picture is courtesy of Tibi via IG. All others are my own and cannot be duplicated, please.

Right now, I am keeping it visual for you, more details will be added later on....when I come up for air again. 


  1. Oh my, love all you have showed us going on for #nyfw how exciting it must have been being there! Take it slow Nicole